Thursday, January 21, 2010

Damian Agundar

A brash,confident young man, Damian wants to grow his family’s mithral wealth into a regional power. He promotes violent enforcements of contracts and views the family wealth as a tool or weapon, to be wielded as needed. Surprisingly he is not quick to escalate to violence. If his sword is drawn however, there are no further negotiations to be had.

Recently Damian learned of an ancestor whose philosophies closely mirrored Damian's, so much so that one of the original mithral mines was converted into a burial ground of family enemies, once that particular vein of mithral had been mined dry. Damian believes there could be a lot of information there regarding his ancient families as well as the chance to learn more about other rival families of the past. Those secrets could prove valuable. Damian hopes to, alongside his younger brother Bordane, build his power within the family and prepare for the day they can lead the family to greater glory. Damian considers it insult that his family has never been invited into the leadership of Waterdeep.

Damian is very impressed with his brother and if Bordane can be considered to get along well with anyone, its Damian. The only issue that has risen between them is Bordane's love of tormenting Damian with snakes ever since he learned of his older brother's fear and phobia regarding them. This has lead to more than one incident when Bordane would place a garden snake in a bedroll or boot.


Russ said...

Looks like you just got out of prison ;-0

Gordzilla said...

Damian responds, "so what if I did?"


James said...

I think we have your reason for performing your auditory skills for the Wands wedding. Some public service for very minor law violation. As a matter of fact both Agundars!

robm1171 said...

Bordane's outlook: In father's eyes, I will never be as good as Damian. I think I'm great and it drives me crazy that no one seems to think this. Damian's fear, I see, is a weakness. And it's pretty damn funny hearing him scream!