Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eva Maerklos Origins part 2

Eva’s infant and early toddler years passed quickly and without incident. Up until her 6th natal day she bore no evidence that she was any different than the rest of the children of Waterdeep. The morning of Eva’s party Aldara was preoccupied. Eva had just won the Trade wards daughters of Sune pageant. And with the finals in a few days there wasn’t a lot of time to plan a birthday party. But since the title was all but a formality and the rumors of a surprise visit from the judges (Sunes hartwardes) was foretold in her vision. Aldara thought an extravagant party was the only thing needed to seal the title for house Maerklos. The guest list was extensive, friends, family members, and anyone involved in the pageant was invited.

Eva spent the morning before the party with the best tailors in the city. Sunites where brought in to focus on hair and makeup, no expense was spared. Just moments before the party was to begin Aldara had a vision, the house of Thann’s spoiled miscreant crowned Waterdeeps daughter of Sune. A travesty, she had left nothing to chance. As the feeling of gloom churned in the pit of her stomach she headed to check on Eva’s progress with her beauticians.
A faint odor of decay still lingered in the air. The lifeless bodies of the Sune followers showed no cause of death. Aldara frantically searched the house for any signs of Eva, her daughter was gone.

Boren picked a small squad to escort him on midnight patrol. While the Gardens where quite this night it did little to ease his troubled mind. A full 10 day had passed since Eva Maerklos went missing. And while he had spent every off duty minute since then searching for her, the creature that charged him with her protection didn’t seem the kind to accept failure. He feared a curse would consume him any day so he tried to keep his mind occupied. The patrols where a good distraction for him. He would encounter the occasional undead wandering the graveyard that had to be put down but mostly it was kids sneaking in on a bet or looters trying to hit a family vault for whatever coin they could pilfer.

As the patrol moved deep into the heart of the Gardens the faint sound of music filled the air. Boren and his men pulled their weapons as they crept quietly forward. The music was familiar, a popular children’s song hauntingly out of place amongst the headstones of the cemetery. As the patrol entered small clearing an eerie sight began to unfold.

The audience consisted of six undead in various states of decay, standing in a group in front of a raised dais. Swaying back and forth with the music as if entranced they seemed uninterested in the advancing patrol. The music would have been the envy of the Waterdeeps greatest musicians, provided by ghostly instruments with an apparent mind of there own. At the heart of this horrific concert was its lead performer. Her innocent voice was calm and clear as she sang every note in perfect time with the music. While the words she was speaking where unknown to Boren and his men the tone was hypnotic. He was reminded of the old seamen stories of sirens leading sailors to there doom. She was still dressed up in her birthday outfit, I bet she would have taken first in the Sune pageant had she not been missing he thought. What an odd thought at a time like this he muttered.

As Boren broke into the clearing the order of protection burned in his mind. In a flash he had cut down half the audience before his men even realized it was on. The only hostility shown by the creatures was when a guard moved to grab Eva. The remaining undead set upon him in a ravenous rage. All the time Eva complaining in some unknown dialect about her concert being interrupted. Fortunately that allowed the rest of the patrol to eliminate the remaining creatures. She was returned home and it took her nearly a month before she could communicate using local dialect. She had no memories of her time away from home nor could anyone explain the new language she had been using upon her return.

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