Thursday, September 29, 2016

09/28/16 Virtues Session 60: To The Flying Tower

Our session begins with Dramen, putting the finishing touches on a magical bow and quiver for Ainau Triskellion, as well as spell gathering for both Dramen and Syrendross before the Heroes of Virtue venture forth.

After outlining a basic plan and casting some preparatory spells, Dramen teleports our characters to the Water-tower north of Naper’s Dawn. It was the last place our characters had seen the flying tower, our character’s would-be Trojan horse.

Arriving, our characters did not see the flying tower at first, we take cover behind a hill where boulders were stacked for ammunition, our characters instead observe giants and giant kin gathering and stacking trees.

Thinking the tower was close, Syrendross appears high in the sky to find the flying tower hovering over Ground Zero where resources were being staged before being loaded onto the tower. Ettins, trolls, ettin-trolls, as well as other true giants, some as tall as twenty-four feet in height, toiled in the shadow of the flying tower clearing trees and gathering building materials. The region came with a sense of loss as we flew closer the screams of the victims of war became more noticeable.

Closer now, our characters see a northern area of Ground Zero has been excavated revealing a passage. Beyond that a familiar mantiore takes to the air as a drow antipaladin, Shar and Alicia’s infernal son, emerges from the passage. This begins a short-lived pursuit of the antipaladin before our character’s agree that our original plan was to take the tower.

We shift our attention to the tower and it’s magical properties. Outside it took the form of a seventy five foot tower without a base, seemingly able to change its appearance as the master of the tower wishes much like a mage’s mansion. A trap door leading into the tower sat at the top of the tower guarded by winged minotaur flying about.

After creating a diversion and using magical device skill (including the name of the sin of lust) we gained access to the tower to find a space inside the size of a small county. A valley rolled out before us populated by giant-kin bartering noisily (including a certain ten foot tall blue-skinned giant) while to the sides hundreds of winged minotaur were stationed in various activities. Farther ahead and at the opposite end of this extra dimensional/ pocket plane was a seventy five foot fortress as well as the presence of a powerful entity. 

Dramen teleports us across the valley to the upper most balcony where our characters find a 300x300 room just inside the fortress with a massive map, rune casters, war dogs the size of elephants, giants and the gnome warlord; beyond this enormous room is a chamber featuring a giant spiral ramp leading to the other levels. Outside the fortress were slave pits and a large well and a military post on a grand scale.

Combat ensues, which is where we begin next session. 

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