Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Warnings of Virtue

Larosse listened to the Hag explain away her failure due to the arrival of a virtuous band of adventurers led by a Stone Lord Paladin. If the extra-planar creature wasn’t the minion of the Cloud Sorceress he would have it destroyed, instead the gnome warlord listened to the hag familiar’s protests, curses and proclamations.  Larosse realized listening did have its rewards when the Pit Hag revealed the party to be virtuous.  Larosse might be able to convince Caelum Rex to provide a legion of Wingotaurs now if the Storm Giant knew they were to be used against forces of Virtue.  
Pit Hag...Yeah!

The Warlord decided to precede cautiously, his relationship with The Conqueror being too new to risk offering what he wasn’t certain he could deliver.  Larosse reassured hellish Hag his appreciation of her efforts and bade the creature to return to its master while he waited to hear their advice on the matter.  

Once the hag was gone, Larosse sent word to Gillespie to assemble his men, they had several new targets.  Larosse knew how to keep Gillespie and his hellions well fed. 


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James Caruso said...

This is the only mention of a 'Gillespie' thus far.