Thursday, February 25, 2016

02/17/16 Tragidore Session 15: A Familiar Stranger

Our session began with combat; when after investigating Lyssic's crypt’s antechamber the guardian statues moved to intercept the hero’s trespassing- in the same manner in which these stone sculptures bludgeoned the Blackrock Company to death. Each successive combat round brought out increasing dangerous cultists starting with a quintet of fast zombies, many of which fell almost immediately after Alaric channeled positive energy.
Yontryl Amatar 
Next a familiar group of masked cultists follows on the heels of the zombies; familiar because they wore the usual molded leather masks, masterwork dragon-claw bracers, minor magical cloaks, and amulets. After that Nevessam and Zilvereen enter the fray with a failed death attack and magical necromantic rays. Soon it was down to only one guardian statue, an unseen caster (Nevessam) and two masked cultists who would fight to the death, but when Wendel rounded the corner to find the unseen Nevessam, Wendel saw Yontryl delivering the killing blow to the cult spellcaster.

Soon, after combat and the water settled, the heroes of Tragidore gathered treasure, recovered the Divine (Spark) Scarab, and identified the bodies in the water. The remains, obviously overwhelmed by the dangers in Lyssic’s crypt, were bloated from a week decomposing in the shallow antechamber water; these were Sanford Stubblemane, Elad Edals, Delia Navamir, and Themian Ailduin. These last two brought a hereto unseen rage out of the beautiful woman. It was then Yontryl finally explained the truth of who she really was.

She is not a Knight of Myth Drannor, but a ‘Stranger’ – individuals in Bordane’s Iron Clergy who infiltrate organizations and churches in advance of the priesthood of Lilith who prey on weakened organized institutions in the aftermath of the time of troubles. Yontryl’s main objective was to keep the tome: The Key of Irithlium out of the hands of the Church of Lilith (Shar). She attempted to keep the tome at Trinity Church, but after attempting to find a suitable ‘bearer’ she conceded to carry the book herself; in that, she would eventually fail.

The Blackrock Company too served the Iron Lord Bordane but waged their conflict against the cult of the dragon directly; they died in service to the Iron Hand. Yontryl asks the heroes to fight with her against the Lilith Priesthood and retrieve the Key of Irithlium, and she would then show the heroes a secret passage under Castle Cormanthor (where the cultists organize their plans).
House of Song
Not an hour after the heroes first stepped foot into Lyssic’s Crypt the heroes left for the House of Song, an old temple to Oghma in Myth Drannor. When talk wandered to the kids, Yontryl explained she witnessed them freeing the last pen of slaves before they headed to the shrine to Mystra and the portal back to the Tragidore region.

Venturing closer to Myth Drannor the heroes could feel the power of the city’s Mythal similar an electrical static charge, but when they saw the tangle and maze-like features of Myth Drannor they were thankful for the possibility of a secret way to the Cult of the Dragon. Yontryl explains that Lilith Clerics, to keep dragon cultists away, lied that there was a magic dead area surrounding the ancient temple. The former temple of Oghma was round and domed with scores of skeletons ringing the structure where gargoyles once stood sentinel; flying about were two Erinyes, handmaidens of Lilith, who spotted the heroes once they closed the distance between the safety of cover and the ruined temple.

We pick up next week with the heroes entering the House of Song. 

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