Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Lion, the Witch, and the Gunslinger

Jarred Mallred, Grand Magician and Master of Blackspire Gap sat easy in the small company of the League devoted to the Mistress of theNight. He had just brokered a deal that would guarantee his favor to Lilith and elevation in the League. The other three hopefuls… well, he doubted they knew Lilith’s heart’s desire to make any real threat to his ostentatious offering.

To Jarred’s right sat a cultured and refined elf. Lythia Elaewyn talked down to everyone who was not an arcanist of some kind preferring to take on educated peers and collogues. She was said to be a conjurer, Jarred thought appraisingly looking at her; more likely she was an assassin.

To Mallred’s left rested an old bastard who introduced himself coarsely to Jarred as ‘Tar the White’ and rudely refused any assistance in entering Blackspire Gap or sitting down at the table. Presently he looked dead, or asleep Jarred could not tell.

Finally situated across from Sai Mallred was Korornous, obviously a fire mage of some worth. He sat menacingly, staring Jarred with searing blood-red eyes. Was he a Thayan Mallred suspected; they were a treacherous lot, occupied of political and physiological warfare, and were therefore not to be trusted.

As was custom in palavers such as these; Jarred Mallred serving as host would have the benefit of presenting his offering to the Mistress of the Night last; he would have the advantage of raising his tithe to surpass his rivals should the need arise. Jarred was confident his would buy him the favor of many gods should that be required.

Tar ‘the White’ arose nosily from his chair, his old bones cracked audibly. He reached into his belt and presently placed a ring upon the table. The ring was master worked, a relic; the old bastard boasted, but was just an artful setting for the terrible black magic gemstone set within.

The discourse of the old man drowned in Mallred’s ears as he noticed a pleasant calm had settled on the grounds of Blackspire Gap.

Korornous then began his words of devotion to the Lilith and the Conclave, a slight in etiquette Jarred noticed, Lilith would look down on him is distain for observing others in her praises. Jarred hoped she would kill him outright than suffer another outrage. Drawing his speech to a close the mage presented black marble figurine. The figurine was exquisite and horrifying in is countenance as Korornous announced to the world the Aspect of Loss.  

The surprise of the offering hit Mallred like a judgment. This may pose a worthy challenge to him; it definitely compensates for Korornous’ breach in etiquette Jarred surmised.

Lythia Elaewyn, the elven highborn, stood solemnly and began her prayers in a language foreign to Jarred. This unnerved him to his utter limit. Curses! What seemed assured has now slipped into the realm of only probable. Jarred sat uneasily as she disrobed and revealed her gruesome pregnancy; sub dermal horns or were they claws? Jarred thought, protruded from her belly; it writhed and moved just as newborn anxious to be born into this world.
What was the Elf’s offering? Damn her! Jarred Mallred composed himself and let the tension build. He stood. Outside he imagined Lilith’s black wings encircling his tower; the thought aroused him deeply- as thoughts of her constantly did.

Without preamble Jarred produced the three urns he acquired from the drow; one at a time he placed them on the table, each made a sound like a gunshot when contact with the table was made. It gave the ceremony a finality that was not evident before. Events were reaching a crescendo.

“Lilith! Mistress of Night, Lady of Lust and Shadows… for you my dear… three Aspects…” Jarred began. Thunder sounded and a sudden cold stole the room. “She is coming! All will cower before her BEAUTY!!!”

“Lord Mallred!” Finnegan Blackcross interrupted barging into the inner sanctum during Mallred’s most pivotal of moments. “Blackspire Gap is under attack...

Whatever Blackcross said next was lost in the din of magical energies, gunfire, and blood chocked death screams as the goddess arrived to claim Mallred's generous offering. 

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