Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Castle Keirkin & The Hamlet of Hillshade

The place between the hills
Keirkin Castle sat squarely in the center depression between four large hills some twenty miles southwest of Bouvet Keep.  Guard towers were erected on each hill, with walls built between each tower, providing the land and castle within spectacular protection.  Construction was a constant noise in the area, usually from those citizens who sought the protection of the Count.  Outside the Keirkin walls the small hamlet of Hillshade had developed to a size of some thirty homes and six businesses. The protection provided by the Count and his two hundred troops to the people of Hillshade engendered a fierce loyalty to Count Keirkin. Crime is nearly unheard of with disputes being handled by Sherriff Radolia, Arbiter Eldisia Keirkin (niece of the Count), or in rare cases Count Khris Keirkin.  Hillshade is currently preparing for the wedding of the beloved Count to Ardinia Delaway, an exotic woman who hails from one of the islands the Evening Isles has traveled past. 
Count Khris Keirkin
Ardinia Delaway

Sherriff Radolia


James Caruso said...

You s.o.b... after I printed updated Npc sheets!


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I'll make new ones- your tax dollars at work.

Gordzilla said...

Curious if anyone recognizes the Sherriff:) Guess that will teach you to print the NPC sheet before Tuesday! LOL

Russ said...

I called your mother, Told her you lost already.

Gordzilla said...

That comment earns Russ a +2 bonus to luck rolls for tonight's game. Clearly a pumping iron fan:)

James Caruso said...

He looks defeated, was probably given wrong advices.

Gordzilla said...

Updated with Map