Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kotri Steelreaver

This group of friends she had joined was as strange as her journeys through these "ways" had been. The elf, Rydin, was like no one she had ever met, elf or otherwise. His willingness to trust his friends, even newly acquainted friends just floored her. She had fought beside him and saw his will wash over the battlefield like a wave of continued chaos. But what she wouldn't ever forget was that once he took her hand to help hasten their escape, he never let go until they were both safely away. She had no idea how many years had passed since she last touched another person, and it wasn't until that touch that she believed what was happening was real.

She looked around their cavern lair the Giant had given them, her eyes lighting up a predators smile as they took in Dolgrin hard at work, as always. His was her second touch since she woke in these hells, and grasped it as eagerly as she clung to her hopes that this group of heroes could indeed lead her out.

Back to her patron, the elf, she studied his concentrated movements. They reminded her of martial exercises, and she marvelled that the complicated dance patterns could unleash spells at his direction in between devastating sweeps of his blade. Even as a dwarf she was impressed with size of the blade Rydin bore upon his enemies. He called it an elven cuved blade, and said it was the ancestral weapon of his people. Again, the dwarf felt a pull toward his ancestral pride, a pride that resonated within her.
She stood, staying wher she watched and drew her short sword. She began matching the movements of the elf, darting back and forth against a pretend opponent she envisioned flanked. She had made up her mind, and was all in with Rydin's offer of friendship. If he could lead her out of here, she would follow him any where. Especially if Dolgrin was there.