Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Z'hind-del Syrendross: Third Entry Day Forty-Two

After conversing with the guarded half elf woman Nalolia I realize that my sincere curiosity in the dynamics and features of the Evening Isles, and quite possibly my companions as well, could be misunderstood or even seen by some individuals as a threat to their homeland. I realize that a drow elf asking about Miar Moshea the elven duchy, gives rise to skepticism, but unlike my Archmage counterpart I do not possess his memories or knowledge about the Evening Isles.

While it was our belief that we, as representatives of different races, could have been be ambassadors in a quest, but we have since learned differently. Nalolia has made me realize that representing ourselves as 'ambassadors', for some individuals we come into contact with, is not enough and will not hold for long if questioned. 

I have an idea that I and my companions represent ourselves more than just ambassadors of the high races but a group with a purpose that will benefit the Isles on the whole. I could travel the Isles as a cartographer, gathering information on territory boundaries and the locations of various communities; Dramen could perhaps become an census taker, and Kyras could easily explain that he is traveling the isles evaluating the quality of the water and crops from each duchy; while Rydin and Dolgrin find areas of their own expertise. I will have to consult with them. 

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