Thursday, June 25, 2015

06/24/15 Virtues Session 8: Team Building

There you go big guy,” Syrendross said encouragingly to his dwarf friend as they traversed the unsteady and sodden tree trunk. “easy does it.” 

Sometime ago a tree had fallen into the river and in that time a canoe had capsized and became lodged creating a partial bridge to the other side of the foothills. A place, Denosia warned was full of poisonous snakes and other dangers.

Behind the dwarf and drow the others proved to be not much of assistance, laughing in good fun as each told a story of how Dolgrin would wind up in the drink. For Dramen, Dolgrin’s fall would be a humorous hard saddling of the log inducing serious genital pain, on and on it went

“Blah, blah, blah,” Dolgrin sarcastically retorted as his feet slowly began to spin the tree trunk, his hand clutched Syrendross for purchase. "soon ye'll get your turn don't ye doubt!"

Eyes on me Dolgrin, don’t listen to them.” Syrendross said smiling despite himself, his purple eyes never leaving Dogrin’s.

Easy for you to say drow.” Said Dolgrin looking down as Syrendross’ feet hovered over the flowing river. But then something else caught the dwarf’s eye, a shape, moving on the side of the canoe; but before he could warn everyone a stinky half orc threw off his concealment and blew what looked like a whistle alerting his companions as well as others in the foothills of interlopers.

Noel (Nalolia)
 Our session begins after our palaver with Kinasia and his wife; we decide to travel back to Surfton to investigate clues from earlier that morning. Upon reaching the town we observe Surfton in full activity with people working for daily survival even tending their own gardens in some cases.

As we investigate we learn that the large central well is fed potable water from the two centrifuge wells that seem to be fed from the ocean. Desalinized the water is fed from the central well to be used for the livelihood of the town.

While in town we inquire about many things; weapons, we are referred to a dwarf named Radrock Cornerstone; but after inquiring about magician’s supplies we were directed to a half-elf woman named Noel. We met up with Noel tending her rows of corn, she was regal in her bearing but cautious, even casing a few detection spells to assure her of our true intentions. As Dolgrin kept watch we inquire about purchasing components, scrolls, and the like; at first she was unsure of our gold resources but soon discovered otherwise.

She expressed her concern for some unregulated trade in town which segwayed into discussion on the residents of Widow Island. With our concerns somewhat aligned she warned that many of these are widows were once wives of pirates and criminals. Nevertheless it is her belief that the orcs would be unprepared for an assault during the barge activity later that night. While to some of us she seemed to be holding something back she was clearly something *more as Dramen believes Noel an arcane elementalist.

We eventually met her son Denosia who after hearing our interest in the orc caves, unsuccessfully evasively implied his guide services in front of his mother. He maintains there are dozens of caves out there and not just orcs; he warns us a hobgoblin that wears warpaint and his human (former pirates) associates, and admits only a half dozen orcs go visit these barges at night. Noel agrees to 80 %(town-non-Perlias-cut)/ 20 % split of the treasure she claims the orcish brutes have hoarded. Well trained as a ranger Denosia agrees to lead us to these caves with his mother’s hesitant blessing.

We stayed with Noel and Denosia into the night learning that the hooved prints seen earlier was likely the warpainted hobhoblin’s Tiefling friend. We were afforded dispel magic, see invisibility, rope trick and uncanny reach from her spell books and in return Noel was given the Tireless spell from Dramen’s spell book. Noel offers up a wand of cure light wounds to be settled upon later as well as other disposable one use items.

Kyras learns that Noel's family is from the Old Faith and looks on pact magic with disdain because of its lack of transparency- ‘you don’t know who you are truly dealing with’. Ryden speaks to her in elven to learn his dialect of elven is very much akin to the walking elves of Earth. We learn Noel is from Miar Moshea the elven duchy. 

Syrendross asked about Miar Moshea and learned it bordered Lockshire. Miar Moshea boasted a large city (DM add name) that was built on the border of Lockshire to facilitate diplomatic relations with the Triskellion King. The capitol of Lockshire is Triskell and Bier De Wetz is its largest city. The Royal family now? While there is a dispute the Boshear Family from Kriet Oppenshire are the current ruling family; who are strongest in city of Watchtower.

9 pm. With nice clear sixty-nine degree weather Denosia takes us outside and into the foothills where the landscape takes an uber-dangerous turn out and away from civilization. We are led to a fallen tree where we encounter a solitary half orc who was killed, but not before blowing a whistle possibly alerting others. We cross the waters to eventually come into contact with two hobgoblins, one covered in dirt and the other concealed in sand- they were both killed in the surprise round.

Soon after Denosia led us to an area of tall grass that sparsely concealed the small glow of a fire where an ogre, and hobgoblins were gathered- some naked, some armored. We successfully killed the ogre; recovered a total of 542 gold, a 100 gold necklace, a suit of full plate armor, 2 potions of CLW, 1 potion of CMW, a grey bag of tricks, a masterwork great sword and great club; and found two paths, one leads to a cliff and relatively open land and the other path led to the first cave entrance. 

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