Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Old Giant Proverb Between a Rock and a Rock

Mountain Symbol
Kimit stared at the symbol carved into the mountain wall.  He understood what it was supposed to mean but didn’t understand how it could be true.  Macron was centuries gone, his magical Maul being the only evidence left of the great giant’s existence.  The Ash Giant then remembered the stories the Spriggans had told him about the Fire Giant who was challenging the Elves Great Keep. 

For the few moments Kimit stared at the symbol he listened carefully; earlier he had suspected something was following him.  As he stood in the mountain pass listening the Ash Giant grew certain of it.  A scraping noise of stone against stone some distance ahead of him and footsteps, small footsteps, behind. Kimit knew the stone scraping sound he heard was the ratfolks emerging from their stone lair but the movement behind him didn’t sound like ratfolk, it sounded humanoid. 

The Ash Giant moved much quicker than his size made him look capable of moving.  Leaping backwards and up some 10 feet, the giant grasped the side of the mountain wall and pulled himself up to a ledge.  From his sudden movement and new perspective Kimit could easily make out a small cloaked humanoid with oversized boots staring up at him from the rock he was hiding behind.  Kimit mentally cursed as he realized he was being trailed by a halfling but hefted a large stone in his left hand threateningly, “Speak little one before I bury you in stone.”

“Forgive me tall one, I was only waiting for the arrival of the ratman wizard so he could introduce me, I’m the druid Amory, and I’m here to help you.” 

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