Sunday, July 5, 2015

Old Eyes from a Storm

Arkiel Darkhart 
Arkiel Darkhart read the message carefully for a third time.  Messages from Nissian could be multi-layered, even coded and this one had been magically delivered by an imp so it paid to be careful.  This was the first the Drow had heard from the Wishmaster since Nissian’s ascension as Tiamat and the lack of communication was becoming a worry for him.  Arkiel cursed the heat of his bedchamber and went to the balcony to re-read the missive:

My greatest conspirator,
Your wish has been granted and your bloodline in Toril is restored! All that we have prepared for these many years is coming to pass.  Fulfill your final services to me and the opportunity for vengeance you for have so long sought will be in your grasp.  I assure you the Virtues no longer have the luxury of marshaling their strength under the EveningIsles unique protections, with the dragon queens’ arrival they must act. According to my sources The Traveler is somehow aligned with at least one of the Virtues and where the traveler goes The Monitor is sure to follow. I have also learned that all of The Virtues recently gathered for a ceremony but alas even my magic has proven unable to pierce all of The Isles protections. It is a frustration that I have been unable to discover the location of their Heartstones.    
Therefore I need you to learn what the Virtues are doing and go where I cannot.  Arkiel I need you to travel to the EveningIsles and set up our operations there.  Be warned, the virtues are not the only dangers there.  The Eveningisles already has several active devotees of Dagon and Orcus spreading chaos among their people.  The Dagon worshippers tend to operate along the coasts while the Orcus followers believe they are in hiding, preparing for their master’s return.  Your task will be an incredibly difficult one but the path of vengeance is never a simple journey.   Your house’s great betrayer can finally be avenged.


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Appears that Arkiel is a distant relative of mine.

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Never trust an elf! ...well, a drow...