Monday, July 20, 2015

The Three Legged Stool in Tingis

When the tall elven wizard opened the door to the tavern all the dwarves grew quiet inside, staring at the strange elf. “I always knew you could find me, I just always figured when you finally showed up again it would be to ask me to go fight another war, another dragon, demon or devil!”  Thralgrim Grimbeard stood behind his bar laughing which lead to the young dwarven patrons drunkenly singing several dwarven dirges.  It was a rare sight to see, the smiling old dwarf completely satisfied with himself, a well rehearsed line delivered perfectly for just this occasion.
Myrrdin Og

Myrddin Og entered The Three Legged Stool to the unique sounds of Thralgrim’s laughter against the backdrop of dwarven singing, surprised to find himself laughing too.  In moments Thralgrim had an oversized wine glass filled with his own brand of dwarven ale placed in front of his ancient elven friend.  The use of a wine glass for ale was the old dwarf’s “subtle“means of teasing Myrddin for his elven heritage.

Thralgrim’s tavern The Three Legged Stool stood two stories tall, entirely crafted of stone in the small dwarven district of Tingis. The bar was always full and had gained a reputation locally as an excellent place to acquire information.  The bar didn’t sell information; rather the old dwarven barkeep had the amazing ability to get information out of anyone who was brought to him for that purpose. In fact the tavern was named after the dwarf’s preferred information gathering technique.

It soon became apparent to all in attendance that the two old humanoids were not only old friends, but companions whose trust was forged on shared battlefields.  Their conversation of old war stories passed through the night and into the morn. Finally with only a few passed out drunken dwarves remaining Thralgrim asked Myrddin the purpose of his visit.

“Advice is the help I seek old friend. I recently had a dinner that has troubled me since I left it, further it is such a conundrum for me that I would value you your perspective. “  With that, Myrddin went on to tell his old cohort the amazing tale of the Mages Four (and One More proclaimed Thralgrim after hearing the story).  Myrddin waited in the telling of the tale as long as he possibly could before revealing the Dragons of Virtue and Sin. “Since that meal I have been left with a feeling of disquiet and unease beyond my normal paranoia and distrust, I was hoping you might place your finger upon it.”

Thralgrim stared at the wizard for a few moments, his one good eye filled with disappointment and annoyance, “Elves can be so stupid.” Before continuing, “Not that I haven’t enjoyed your visit but we could have gotten a lot more sleep had you spoken up sooner! Virtue? Sin? Bah! You’re nothing more than meat to a dragon!”

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