Saturday, July 25, 2015

A History of Pact Magic; Researched, Compiled and Written by Jerit McCaugh, published by the Brothers Ferdinand, Watchtower. Volume the First

 Pact magic is the oldest form of arcane magics practiced by humanity in the Isles, and thus in the world. Before The Coming of The Sun, this orb we dwell on existed as a small plane, comprised of The Evening Isles, the Continent and a few scattered islands. The first creatures who were somewhat civilized, and thus able to build a civilization were inherently magical; elves, dragons, dwarves and a small smattering of other races. Humans were in a  primitive state, little better than animals and off enslaved by the higher order.

 It is impossible to say what came first to man, divine or pacts. There is no doubt that the other ruling races worshipped deities, and received magic from this. Also it is documented that they freely practiced arcane magics, as well. Records of their dealing with humans, however are inexact, confusing and often misleading. Three theories of the beginning of Pact magic spring to mind.

  Theory the First:  Man begins worshipping gods. Other men observe this and the rewards bestowed upon the worshippers. They ask themselves 'why must I bow and scrape to receive what someone decides to give me?' Through mankind's work with the higher races, they make contact with  the various elements and outsiders to begin working the complex contracts which would lead to today's pact magic.

  Theory the Second:  Man is lured with thoughts of power and freedom by evil outsiders; demons and devils, for instance. Thus began the practice of witchery and warlockism. A few men see that they've simply traded one master for another and began seeking an alternative. Whomever made the first step; good, neutral or uninterested evil outsider to man or vice versa, it makes no difference. Contact was made, and then history.

  Theory the Third: Divine and pact were discovered simultaneously, without either discoverer aware of the other's work.

  Through centuries of working pacts, man eventually gained the ability to touch magic and thus began mankind's exploration of arcana. In the following pages, we will investigate the deep, hidden history of pact magic, its influence on the world and it's relevance today.