Friday, July 17, 2015

07/15/15 Virtues Session 9: Release the Vipers

Has he returned?” Dolgrin asked pacing near the cave opening being careful not to step on the remains of the destroyed skeleton.

If Syrendross had returned he would have said something, he’s invisible not mute.” Dramen said to the anxious dwarven war-priest.

The night was advancing quickly now and evil was growing stronger. As Denosia was gathering arrows Kyras was putting Noel's (Nalolia) curative wand to its uses by mending wounds on Rydin as well as Doldrin; while Syrendross, hidden from undead and from sight, scouted the silent cave.

It’s been almost a minute.” Dolgrin said grabbing his rune encrusted axe, “I am heading down there.

But just as his companions moved to stop him, Denosia gathered his deadly bow, until an even-toned elven voice spoke in the language of the Realms.

Syrendross’ speech was quickened as if he returned in haste. “Dolgrin my friend no need to worry.”

Bah! I did not want you soiling your hands with the blood of our enemies, or stealing notches in me axe!” Dolgrin said blindly to the cave opening.

From behind Dolgrin Syrendross, using an arrow plucked from Denosia’s quiver, began to draw in the ground. Slowly a layout including a passage to an alcove that opened to a forty-foot cavern began to render itself on the ground.

Standing next to the dwarf Dramen noticed Dolgrin was still holding his axe and addressing the empty cave opening. The conjurer turned the dwarf around to listen to what the drow was saying. Dolgrin was astonished to see a floating arrow drawing a map in the thin top soil.

I saw a couple of orcs here and here, these seemed to be accompanied by wargs.” Syrendross said as he represented the orcs with various stones.

Snakes!” Rydin exclaimed, interrupting the war-meeting. 

But before anyone could react Kyras’ eyes began to glow like fire as he began to pray to the Old Gods. The fire from his eyes extinguished when Kyras closed his eyes in spell-casting sending the fiery light coursing down his arms and out of his out stretched hands. Kyras opened his eyes and sent a flaming sphere down the cave incinerating the deadly vipers.

You were saying?” Kyras asked without a hint of sarcasm.

Gratitude Kyras,” Syrendross said before continuing. “I also saw four hobgoblins, a couple of cloaked humanoids and a hell of a lot of vipers just like those.” Syrendross paused before continuing, “Companions, I believe we have found the women," indicating squares on his map with the arrow, "but I fear we may be too late.”

Those cloaked individuals are who I warned you about gentlemen.” Denosia said picking up the stones, tiny stand-ins of his enemy. The ranger was now anxious to be off. “Do you wish me to say and guard your back or go with you?"

We leave it to you good ranger,” Kyras said respectfully but enthusiastically.

Denosia saw that everyone was in agreement except…

Indeed good ranger what say you?” the unseen Syrendross asked.

Lead us on good drow.” Denosia said taking up his bow. "Let us stop these vial creatures." 

Our session began at the entrance to a cave opening battling flying corbies as well as a couple of fast pirate zombies and one sword and shield skeleton. Defeating them alerted someone to our presence.

Taking advantage of an on-going hide from undead and invisibility Syrendross advanced down the cave entrance Denosia lead us to. The cave traversed down while another mild path lead to a ridge and beyond our sight; we eventually learn the escape hatch used by fleeing opponents led here.

The battle took less than a minute, seeing the escape of both cloaked humanoid spell-casters, and orc and warg and a hobgoblin or two.

We were successfully able to save six women however one’s mind is broken/insane and another is unconscious with several snake bites. We destroyed the body parts that where being specially prepared (using vile torturous techniques) as meta-magic components for sale on the barge, furthermore we destroyed spells written by the evil spell-caster.

We gain enough XP to achieve our fourth character level and have completed the first of two mythic trials.

We begin next week having gathered valuables, and have rested in Surfton at Nalolia’s residence and her corn rows. 

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