Sunday, July 26, 2015

The River Baron

Count Keirkin 
“There are several areas that my agents have identified along the Macron River.  You will travel to these areas and determine if there is enough of the elemental touched stone to begin crafting Scraphite.” Count Keirkin explained.  "These areas are economically impoverished; the acquiring of lands may be as simple as offering sponsorship in the Duke’s armies for the land owners children. Therefore to empower you to purchase these lands in my name I have decided to name you my River Baron, kneel and receive your commission. “
Zhor Iendo

The gnome’s small stature was especially noticeable kneeling before the tall human count.  Zhor Iendo kept his head bowed while listening to the Count say the words that filled the gnome with pride, River Baron.  The Count, lowered his ceremonial blade, lightly tapping each of Zhor’s shoulders before instructing the gnome to rise anew in service to royal family Keirkin.  Eyes wet with tears of joy the gnome rose and followed his Count into the Map room where he would receive further instructions.

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