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07/22/15 Virtues Session 10: The Necromancer of Surfton

The sun over the western horizon reflected off thin cirrus clouds casting a crimson glow on the weather-beaten structures of Surfton; the river, the color of blood. Three houseboats huddled together in the hellish dusk, overwrought with animated cadavers; the heroes of virtue nevertheless have the Necromancer Vaigh and her half-orc lover Corker in a sudden retreat.

Levitating over Moed, Kinasia and Vaigh Chek’s houseboat, six cadavers climbed over themselves to get at the drow as Syrendross sent a bolt of disrupting positive energy at one of the animated cadavers surrounding Dramen giving him enough space to escape by diving into the dark waters.

To his left one of the other houseboats, the Ainau, was beginning to move from its berth; below the drow could see Corker likewise dive into the river, keen on boarding the Ainau. Back on the Moed the remaining cadavers moved to surround Kyras and Dolgrin who destroyed each undead that meandered near his deadly weapon- then from one deck to another Rydin leaped onto the escaping Ainau.

Watching Rydin’s attacks Syrendross called upon his magical abilities and lit up Vaigh in fairy fire removing her advantage of invisibility, then slide between dimensions to the front of the escaping houseboat just as Dramen likewise reached the relative safety of the Ainau. Both heroes watched as Rydin succumb to an intelligence damaging spell effect. Back on the Moed the Paladin continued to demolish the undead; the druid however was in dire peril, surrounded by several diseased undead.

Dramen!” Syrendross yelled to his friend, “Kyras is in trouble, transpose us before…”

But before Syrendross finished his statement Dramen castled the arcanist and druid granting Kyras a reprieve while putting the drow in the middle of the remaining cadavers; but before any of the cadavers could take advantage Syrendross immediately transported himself in the perfect position for a deathstrike on the Necromancer with a heavily modified magical orb.

Our session began at Noel and Denosia’s residence fully rested, hungry, and eager. We relay our last night’s adventure in the goblin caves to Denosia’s mother- some of us careful of the tale, others speak of nothing else but Denosia’s deadly capabilities. Four of the rescued widows returned to their island community, but two others who were grievously wounded were graciously taken into Noel’s care. Noel, having some minor questions herself- our destinations- was cautiously optimistic. Syrendross admitted the task was unfinished.

Noel spoke of the possibility of uniting the two communities and perhaps forgive past crimes- the widows and Surfton, but admitted the task at hand was unfinished while the Perlias were in control and an unknown necromancer has yet to be confronted. We said we would relay the offer when we venture there today.

It was then Denosia came in and described Kinasia’s wife to us walking away from his mother’s garden eavesdropping. It was suspicious so we asked Denosia to follow her and meet us at Widow Island later that afternoon.

After that Noel confronted Rydin about taking Denosia on our adventure and just what was our mission statement. “We are here to combat a growing evil in the Evening Isles.” She had many questions from how was it that the widow’s saved ‘US’, to where are we going. Eventually we learn that Noel and Denosia are decedents of the founder of Lynx, a knighthood in the Cat Mountains on the Emmerdin Pac Napiay side. And while it is not widely known, Denosia’s relation could be a help to our cause. She wishes us to return before we leave, she has contacts for us.

At noon we arrive at Widow Island and meet with the four survivors with great enthusiasm- they were beyond thankful. They told us about their captivity and that not everyone was in the cave that night, some had left early; and there was a woman who gave orders to the orcs. To the widows this woman was a betrayer.

Eventually we meet up with Queylia as we wait for Denosia to relay to the widows Noel’s offer of uniting the two communities and for us to win the help of the widows to get to the barge- thinking the barge was our next course of action. The barge was described as a faction ruled black-market on the waters five miles out, Queylia said they have a good chance on getting us close to the barge, but in the long run she does not know what to expect.

At 5pm, as Queylia is rallying her widows Denosia comes running in a magically induced panic- eyes wild, sweat on his brow he eventually calms down to relay the results of his tracking.

Denosia followed Kinasia’s wife to the Moed, their houseboat and waited. He did not see Kinasia but after a time he saw her leave the Moed and head east up the docks. Waiting until she was out of sight he crept on board, looked around and was convinced these people were hiding something as the place did not have a very lived-in appearance. Pressing on Denosia soon became panicked and fled here to Widow Island.

We traverse to the docks where we do not see Corker but notice many towns folk display recent injures. With magical assistance we discover Kinasia’s houseboat and the two adjacent vessels radiating strong necromancy, and evil. Boarding the ship(s) we were successful in defeating the Necromancer Vaigh Chek (her husband dead), taking her lover Corker prisoner- surrendering to the Paladin, but dispatching their undead.

After the battle we discover all three ships belong to the necromancer and her diseased husband, unfortunately for Kinasia he paid the ultimate price for revealing his suspicions to us. We recover and distribute items of worth among our group and return to Noel’s humble home.

We begin next session with the intention of bringing Corker Peralia to Bouvet Keep and ultimately justice, but first some of us have the filth fever. We gain 3,700 xp and our second mythic tier. 

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