Monday, May 18, 2015

The City of Tingis

“People don’t visit Tingis but they do escape sometimes”  Unofficial City Slogan

Tingis is actually the fourth iteration of the city since the arch fell, with each of the three previous versions now sitting in ruins, further and further east from Tingis’ current location.  The ruins are now inhabited by outlaw kings and monsters, some even claim dragons.

Corruption +3; Crime +8; Economy +8; Law –6; Lore +6; Society +1 Danger +15
Qualities: notorious, racially intolerant (halflings, elves & humans), Slavers, Bountiful food

Tingis Government secret syndicate

Population 20,000 (6,000 humans; 1,500 halflings; 1,000 half-orcs; 750 dwarves; 750 gnome, 10,000 Other)    Notable NPCs
King Andreus 

Andreus 1/2 Giant King of Tingis                              
Belsipin Arkoth Barakas

Belsipin Arkoth Barakas male half-orc fighter /rogue: Occasionally known to show mercy to the mentally handicapped.
Headmistress Zalamandra Kalais female drow wizard Tower of Necromancy and Shadows
Zalamandra Kalais

The Drunken Demon: Duegar Bard

The Purple Sails, group of pirates that trace their heritage to the original Purple Pirate

Verrtia  Tiefling Female Priestess of Angazhan Demon lord of Apes, Jungles, and Brutal Tyrants

Chaurn Echym

Chaurn Echym Human Male Egyptian Slaver Priest unknown deity                               

Sulishia Female DragonKin Slaver Sorcerer Thief

Vercidra Hobgoblin Male Ranger, known to have a magical dancing blade


James Caruso said...

Sasquatch from the six million dollar man. Lol. 👍🏼

Gordzilla said...

Bingo, played by Andre the Giant

Russ said...

Nice to see old B.A Barakas make an appearance. Half orc...Nice .