Thursday, February 12, 2015

Review (02/11/2015)

Our casual session began with the sons of Nissian at Spragle Tower awaiting drow refugees from Darkell. Over the two days in speaking with the drow, Diem and Jaren’s truespeak talents learn that Drakara was not the Queen’s real name; it was one she took when gaining office. Her real name is Rozika. In the days after our first visit with Rozika, Darkell was coming under more frequent attacks from their chaotic brethren deeper in the underdark. Rozika knew she had to do something and allying with the church of Tiamat and taking a husband of Tiamat’s blood would save Darkell and the noble hierarchy. In our absence she received Tiamat’s baptizing to symbolize her commitment. Our recent arrival put her plans in action as well as the chaotic aggressors. Only the first level has been destroyed in the attack and their end-game is still unknown other than they spurn their lawful cousins; nevertheless Diem believes he has been granted a miracle to bring Rozika back, Auge was the first to agree.

Versel spoke to Hroogar Uzzi about training our troops exclusively in light of the elves and their recent attacks. Asking around we learn that Ambassador Katchlack has left for his kingdom to inform him of recent events and to deliver the papers: our 100 year truce and Jaren’s gift of teleport scrolls. It was then we sensed a magical divination on the area; Auge correctly guesses it is Youvalan. Jaren looks in on the diviner to see him in Lowport, advanced in age and under duress.

Switching to the albino Ambassador Jaren find his with twenty non-albino minoaturs discussing safe routes of passage to avoid attacks from the elf fighter-rangers/rogues. We asked if we could approach, then teleported to their location where we were happily greeted and introduced to each of the twenty minotaurs. They inform us of the elven warmachine and the raging bandersnatches. As if docile bandersnatches weren’t horrible enough.

They were concerned of the elves discovering the secrets contained in their labyrinth-city. After some words they explained the elves seemed to be moving east and we in turn share our information on the bandersnatches and our goals for taking the drow refugees to the Plinth/ front-line. Jaren agrees to teleport all but three minotaurs to Nimbus where they will reside/serve us including any wayward minotaurs looking for safe haven, but before Katchlack leaves Jaren also requests an audience with the King and gives him a second VanFleet Spell book and Auge gives them three healing potions.

Once in Nimbus we are faced with housing all these minotaurs and ogres, so we scout out some of the old parts of Nimbus, the remnants of the Undefeated’s terrestrial castle and found two perfect structures. The first had the most unique of the buildings, it would receive fliers and provide a tether for Jaren’s demiplane. The second were likely barracks for guests and candidates for the Undefeated, so it was large and spacious for the minotaurs and ogres. We will be sure to put in the papers for these properties.

Back at the Temple of Tiamat, still in Nimbus, we are pleased to discover a living church filled with workers, worshipers, and menial taskmasters as well as some of our followers maintaining the Temple. Even the alter is three quarters complete. Thanks to the newly risen king/president of Nimbus, we are impressed to learn the church of Tiamat is the state religion. After speaking to Erilis, we adjourn to the lower crystal chamber with Diem to request the Miracle.

At first only the priests and Auge and Jaren were to participate until we learned that each of us would receive a boon by participating in the Miracle… the defeat of the jailer, their greatest goal achieved…


James Caruso said...

I purposely left off some of the end of the night, but will add it to next weeks review.

harrygoblin said...

fantastic review James. Thanks for all the notes and copious detail you provide in them. They almost always identify with the mood or tone of a session as well.

James Caruso said...

You humble me sir. Thank you.