Sunday, February 1, 2015

VanFleet Lost Armory of Antiquity

The armory was vast, two main chambers each large enough to hold various wings. At first, both Jaren and Sarosh were unsure how the armory was put together. It seemed quite random, finding 100 matching swords laid in front of 50 sets of armor with similar designs, right next to a rack of a dozen magnificent greatswords with no discern-able connection by design or decoration. The register given to us by Dr. Serart provided the key. This armory was assembled over hundreds of years. Not only does it represent a cache built many by many separate deals, some of those additions had been made hundreds of years apart, by cultures that weren't even aware of each other. Probably 80 % of the weapons and armor were from the Evening Isles, but there were plenty of examples of far eastern weapons (these blades are among the finest in the collection) and continent - designed armor (prized for their greater comfort in hot climates).  It was determined by the both of them that the 'newest' of the hoard was perhaps 200 years old (just before the time loop, but we didn't really put that together til later). The two gleefully gathered the entirety of the armory, and studiously recorded their plunderings.
 250 sets scale mail (5 different times/styles)
250 sets banded mail (5 types)
300 heavy shield (10 types)
240 chain shirts (3-4 types)
300 glaives (2 types)
600 longswords (many types)
600 daggers (many types)
100 throwing axes (2-3 types)
250 light crossbows (5 types)
10,000 bolts
60 longbows (all similar)
2,400 arrows
120 war hammers (3 types)
150 scimitars (3 types)
75 greatswords (4 types)
90 battleaxes (4-5 types)
150 shotswords (3 types)
195 longspears (many types)

this vast armory took 9 days to transport, seven barrels at a time

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