Sunday, February 22, 2015

Review 02/281/2015 (Sons of Nissian Epilogue)

Continuing with the request for the miracle, our session began with the ceremony that involves
returning the soul of Rozika and the fulfillment of each of our life-goals. As our corporeal bodies are left behind in the Temple of Tiamat in Nimbus, guarded by the capable Hislop, Anan, Diem and Erilis were transported directly to the court of Tiamat. Horns are trumpeted across the wastes as we arrive in Hell.

Each of us were in honored positions in her court upon a plateau of a mountain of treasure; below were the waters of Styx flowing outward and beyond where the sounds of battle were halted as each of us were brought before Tiamat. She took up the sky, the landscape, the ground we stood upon and vacated any influence other ancients or dragons could hope to have over us. Her burning greed for everything comforted us as our becoming draws near. Around us Tiamat’s four temples open like doorways that only fuel her greed for Earth.

As Diem requests the miracle Auge is the first to be drawn into Tiamat’s regard where she asks him if this union between Rozika and Auge is agreed, and when the affirmative was told a joining of Rozika and Auge’s soul’s in coitus thereby giving Rozika a half-dragon drow form and an offspring. Auge was awarded dominion over the underdark under Africa with his mate in the kingdom come.

Lightening and fire clash as Durg was drawn into to Tiamat’s terrible gaze along with the soul form of Adalwin Joscelin. As Durg's weapon killed the most ancient of witches, it was then Durg’s legacy weapon was awakened as a +5 weapon, chaos bane, knowledge drinker. His dominion would become Stormhaven.

Jaren was next to be pulled forward to be granted knowledge of thirteen sacred places to Tiamat. Named the builder of Temples, Jaren would be Tiamat’s herald of her arrival on Earth and tasked with beginning temples at each location across the world, Nimbus already found.

Finally Versel was cast forward and hears the word “Avatar.” It is then that Versel becomes Tiamat on Earth as she abdicates her battle for Hell to the Bearded One to rule on Earth during the Age of Dragons. His promised domain was the Africa.

Weeks and months later the waters around Stormhaven begin to boil cleansing the waters of the alien jailer. For weeks the battle is brought against the Farie Queen and the vile bandersnatches burning a large swath of destruction across Africa. And just at the pinnacle of victory Nissian enters the story and exercises his knowledge of Versel’s truename thereby assuming Tiamat’s mantle on Earth from a seat somewhere in Mesopotamia...

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