Thursday, February 5, 2015

Review (02/04/2015)

Before going through the portal to Hell another portal opened, this one however was of chaotic origins from below Darkell. It was unsure who was leading the assault on the temple of Tiamat but it quickly became clear that the entirety of Darkell was under attack.

We did as best as we could fighting but after five rounds of combat the Ancient Blue Dragon (possessed/controlled), a Vrock anti-paladin, Hezrou, bat-demons, and a demonologist; but in the end the Queen was consumed by the dragon as well as many heads of families.

We retreated to Spragle Tower where we find many other drow who had fled the chaotic war machine. We split up some treasure and was rewarded 119,500 xp. Our plans are to wait for a couple of days for any drow refugees to arrive at Spragle Tower and escort the lot of them back to Nimbus.

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