Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some of the locals - Captain Tabitha

The Gypsy Venture was a familiar sight to any dock worker in the coastal towns and village ports. A medium sized junk with three masts, she is captained and owned by a tiefling woman known as Captain Tabitha. She has made a good sailor's living ferrying passengers and cargo back and forth between Lowport and her home port of Shabbad. Her ship is unusually quick and mobile, a gift of the three masts, but rarely sails more than 3 days off-shore. Another advantage the design of a junk affords is its ease of operation - she only needs seven sailors besides herself to run.

As she looked ahead through her glass, she gasped a little. Her last port of call was Lowport, and the city was abuzz about news of the burgeoning trade port of Nimbus. She had heard much aggrandized reports of new docks, but she didn't really believe the rumors. However, seeing them for herself was a wake up call. The rumors didn't do them justice. She recalled her meeting with one of her best clients, a merchant with Imp Town Curiosities. He was flush with excitement over his meeting and dealings with the group of dragon men of Nimbus, and his sense of wonder had bled into her a bit. That wonder renewed now as she saw ships out to anchor, waiting for a spot to port. The family of smiths was equally excited, taking turns looking through her glass. When they approached her to book passage for their families and estates to Nimbus, she grew to sense that this was the beginning of a trend. As the two brothers, their children, and grand children started to fill her ship, she worked to load her hold with a variety of tools and materials for trade. She was pleased with herself, making a number of smallish deals, but providing a good variety of products. She could see now that the trade in this boom town was going to be very active. Before she even docked, she knew this was a new addition to her routine coastal run.
Bill of Goods
500 pounds of a variety of paper
200 pounds of blacksmith tools
500 pounds stretched leather hides
200 pounds crafting tools
500 pounds iron
200 pounds cold iron ore
200 pounds animal horns
1000 pounds of beer
200 pounds of cloth and linen
500 pounds of sailcloth
500 pounds of flour

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