Sunday, February 1, 2015

10 Days Before A King

It had been a busy and long week for Jaren and his cohort, Sarosh.  Indira, of coarse, helped run the schedule and kept people showing up on time, where ever it was they were supposed to go. In nine days, they all worked elbow to elbow moving the closest of Sons Associates and friends to the coastal city of Nimbus. Any one they transported carried a folding barrel full of arms from the  VanFleet Lost Armory of Antiquity, packing in arms and armor for 500 soldiers and a squad of archers (detailed in its own post), though much of it was some what mismatched, coming from several different eras of the world. Any and all followers who wished it were taken to Nimbus, and most went. Nearly all surviving bards, none to many as they were, rallied to Dalia Toma and her mentor, Filis Fey, where they helped lead the experts like Pippen Toma, and the cinder block tailor family, and even a handful of craftsmen who had come to take pride in building for Jaren and his draconic heritage. All these worthy masters of craft would find great position in Nimbus, all according to plan. A few stayed behind, such as the Pauchards at the Cinder Block hoping to cash in when Son's claims victory.

Over all the discussion was the driving topic of expansion. Son's was expanding to Africa. the Jailor was expanding and claiming territory very close to stormhaven. Sarosh's noble standing was also on the rise, and he could no longer deny the greed to cash in. He started explaining in bits and pieces of conversation the powerful pacts his bloodline could command, and the power of the pacts our bloodline lineage would reciprocate. Even he was overwhelmed , even elated when all four brothers wanted to pact bond, and the new cohort, Anan, was as eager as any. The Dragons were so focused they only barely noticed Indira, betrothed and cohort to Sarosh, enter the pact ceremony as well.
All could feel the rhythm of magic aligning itself to the restraints of its newest rules, and the effects were incredible and immediate. For Sarosh, his new powers were a mix of what he needed in his realm and powerful magics he had witnessed at the side of his Leader. He would build his wisdom and his charisma, and learn to skip around the world. Dimension Door at will, fireball, teleport and chain lightning are all gifts from the pact. Also, the pact maintains a hoard of magic, gathered at the time of sealing the pact, to be used in the pursuit giving aid to the pact holder calling for help.

The power  was enough to make him start his move. He took Indira as his first wife during the pacting, and immediately after the ceremony, both whisked away to the courts in the City of Brass. Their pacts were heartily endorsed, and it finally allowed Sarosh the chance to rule a Kingdom, an are in our ocean called The Breach where it open to the Elemental plane of water. He issued his Challenge to the Marid King, and Sarosh's generals delivered a defeated but living king in total surrender. King Sarosh remembered his lesson of obedience, and the cost of pride. Pride would not force the payment of blood today.Servants were allowed to live and return to whence they came, while the former king was banished to Stormhaven. Sarosh had expanded to rule over a realm that spanned two worlds.He would spend the next day putting the vassals of the realm to the test as he called for an all kingdom assembly of defenders to wage war on the planar terror on the other side of The Breach

Under water behemoths, were-sharks, goliath whales, sea monsters, creatures that looked like dragons who'd never breathed air. these were the armies of the Breach King. As they were led to the proper time by us, the carnage was soul damaging. There are many, many, terrible reasons humans have such chilling fear of the dark depths of the sea - they know they don't belong there. Gnashing teeth, grinding jaws, thrashing tails, pools of blood heating your eyes as dying beasts bleed on your face. That was this battle ground. Once King Sarosh sensed the dragons leave the combat, he gave a different sort of order to his maritime swarm - feed. kill as much of his beasts as you want and FEED. This was likely going to need several waves of such assaults, and if they can eliminate the jailers beasts in "clean up" combat, it can help keep their recovery numbers low.

Indira gazed, still in wonder, at Sarosh as he leaned into a massive conch sea-shell, blowing into it with air elemental breath, sending sonic waves so subsonic you could feel them cut through your head. The deep exhales produced ripples and waves of sound that sped out into the depths of a perpetual ocean. It was time he sequestered a suitable mount.

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