Saturday, February 14, 2015

Auge Journal: Union

It was not until our brotherhood came into contact with the drow Kalaris that I understood Versel’s lust for the female species. Truth be told I have never gave procreation a priority in my path to power nor even looked twice at a woman and considered myself gender neutral even though I was male. I considered it a natural occurrence due to my creation and the general dominance of the male species. It was logical that I was male. It was when a drow woman came under our followership that awakened something in me, a burning lust for the drow woman something akin to Versel’s ambition to become a full dragon. But even then I understood Kalaris was allied with my brother Versel and put to heel my base desires.

Not long after Anan Viator entered our lives and not only ingratiated herself with her clerical abilities as a cleric of Tiamat, she also earned Jaren’s esteemed regard to the level of cohort, replacing the irreplaceable Sarosh. Again I resisted my desires, but it was soon after that when Diedre Saltsure became a regular visitor to my chambers. Diedre was unexpected and in hindsight a necessary exercise. Diedre gave me confidence as well as valuable experience needed but she was not one I desired as anything other than a play-thing. She is, in the end, part of the time-trap of Stormhaven and thus will begin to age, wither and die.

So that night at Spragle Tower and seeing Rozika overseeing the training of her guard, instincts gripped me to claim the favor of this drow woman greedily for myself, unbeknownst to me she was also the Queen of Darkell. I gifted her with a necklace in hopes she considers my courtship, little did we know that we were the hope she prayed for. When I later saw her consumed in the mouth of the ancient blue wyrm I feared that her baptism into Tiamat's faith, her reformation of Darkell’s religion, to say nothing of my progeny was lost. Not so.

As I stand here in the presence of the court of Tiamat, a battle-worn Avericia to her side, and the battle waged in the far reaches of Hell I am humbled in regards to Tiamat’s terrible splendor and her unholy blessing of my union with Rozika. 

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