Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Architect

Evaristus Phocas listened to his Lordmaster, silently praying that he would only be admonished with words and knowledge, not tormented by the wracking pains of Evaristus’ Truename being used against him.

“The Architect is moving forward with his plan and it is a brilliant one.  It is of no use to try to learn his truth, yet his plan’s only flaw is if someone beats him to the punch.  He has the advantage, he knows the Truenames of his children, which obviously is his path to the names of Sin.” The Lordmaster explained. 

“Lordmaster, the whelps don’t use the magic and the wizard, while of course not approaching your intelligence, is quite formidable.” Evarisus reminded.  “How am I to trick them into revealing what they do not know?”

“Is the whelp as smart as Tiamat? For that is our opponent!” the Lordmaster hissed. “Her failure is my destiny.  We will use Jaren’s intelligence against him.  Make sure this book finds its way to the whelp wizard’s attention.  If Jaren tracks down Eystein , we may not need to get our answers from Jaren!”

“Lordmaster, you were successful?! Truly you will rule.  Have you revealed your control to Eystein yet?”

“No Phocas, I think I will hold that surprise until a more opportune moment. “ 

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