Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Martera Iracudia

Filii Invidia salutem Martera Iracudia

     We are most pleased to present ourselves to your grand presence. It should be explained that recent movements of the disc has exposed your halls to some surface people of Stormhaven. These citizens, like most of their brethren, have come to depend on my brothers and myself to enlighten them to realities beyond their ken, and so came to us for help. Most, of course, are paralyzed by such a majestic presence as yours. Out of discretionary caution we advised them to stay away so that we could investigate further. We revealed no details of our observations, nor of this hopeful correspondence.

     If it should please you, we would welcome an opportunity to personally introduce ourselves, at a time and location that is most convenient for You.

     On behalf of my brothers
     Durg, Vercel, and Auge

                                                                           cura ut valeas
                                                                           Jaren, Magister of Draconic Relations

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