Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On The Far Side of the World, Ages ago in the Future...

The old man wrapped the red and orange robes around him, not for warmth, although the alpine climes would surely have frozen lesser mortals, but to keep him from stepping on them and falling to his death among the rocky crags. His breath puffed out in huge, white clouds as his wizened eyes picked his path, his feet as nimble as the goats that the monks shared these slopes with. There, on an outcropping of rock, was his destination, and the man he sought. As softly as as a feather falling on water, the ancient monk stepped up behind his prey and waited.
  The man kneeling before him wore the grey robes of a novice or visitor. His hair, once well groomed, has since grown long and shaggy, tied back in a ponytail, covering his faintly pointed ears. An unkempt beard covered his thin face, helping hide his mixed elven blood. He opened his eyes onto the distant vista of granite peaks. "Even here on the mountain side, you sound like a herd of elephants, Mi Yogi san," the kneeling man whispered, a slow smile spreading across his face.
  The elder chuckled, his eyes disappearing in the mass of wrinkles as he too smiled widely. "I once was able to creep up on a spider, when I was young... "
  Jerit McCaugh, turned and stood, facing his friend and mentor, "What brings you to my cliff, disturbing my morning meditations?"
  Mi Yogi looked down, his face clouding w/ concern, his brows drawing down. "You have spent years traveling the world, studying magics of different peoples... the sand magics of Al-Tahira, the dark magics found in the jungles of Kush... why is it so difficult to accept that there's a magic that even you cannot learn? You have been here 17 years, and yet you still have not been able to lift a feather with your mind..."
  "I know I am close, Mi Yogi san, but I have been distracted of late." Jerit began, he too looking embarrassed down at his feet.
  "Yes, this growing dread you've spoken of before, this unknown gnawing at your mind... have you come any closer to an answer, in your meditations?"
  The mage sighed and shook his head, "No, I have not... There's something there, in the back of my mind, something bad is coming... i just have no idea..."
  The old monk sighed as well, nodding and turning back to the monastery "Perhaps it is time for you to go back home, live your life... find a wife, raise children... Our mind magics are not to be shared with you, it seems. But that is no reason to put the world on hold. And besides, the coming terror may reveal itself to you out there...: