Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A man, in wolf clothing

The scarab shimmered around Mika’s neck as the Axebeak circled. Its ability to enrage others had proven useful during his long trip south. With dinner tracking him down he was able to minimize his hunting time and increase his time spent traveling. The large bird charged Mika determined to shred him limb from limb. Mika easily sidestepped his opponent and chomped down on the large neck of the Axebeak, killing it.

It had been over a week since he had left his village. The return of his older brother Orkondon as village shaman had given him the opportunity to follow his dream. Not only had his brother not forbid his leaving, but he had guided him toward an individual who might be willing to help him. They both knew Mika’s fate would be uncovered in Waterdeep, and he had spent every waking hour since his departure pushing himself to get there. As he began to devour the bird his mind filled with fantastic thoughts of adventure and danger in this City of Splendors. He was determined to be the most famous Uthgardt to travel the realm and it would all start in Waterdeep. With eager anticipation he ripped a large chunk of flesh from the carcass of his prey, and bolted south as fast as his four legs could carry him. He just hoped this Briar Belabranta was going to prove as helpful as his brother said she would.