Saturday, February 25, 2012

The morning after Higharvestide.

The private parlor, more a safe room, was the setting for many discussions such as this Kalina Kormallis mused; for all of the nine hells, the death list was scrawled on the wall here, complete from the ashes of their fallen opponents. The room was the twin of the attic loft at the Pampered Traveler, sans the protections, so the ka-tet was forced to use other methods to hide and censor their palaver.

Gun oil hung heavy in the room as Arsten Thunderstaff and Damian Agundar worked at cleaning their guns. Bordane Agundar, complete with that particular task paced the length of the room; his boot falls made his disgust clear to all, and his new sword swung casually at his side.

After detailing her plans for ascension and possible ways to incorporate more divine power into her portfolio; Eva Maerklos mentally summoned Frederic who appeared diligently, awaiting her command. The undead servant nodded mutely and proceeded to service its mistress.

Tauron Tarm responded as his typical measured and thoughtful self; carefully choosing the right words regarding his beliefs on the matter. Briar Belabranta watched him closely with affection and adoration; the other men, while they reveled in discovering new ways to raise her ire- she loved them just as equally as the rest.

“It was someone who said,” Arsten began at last. “They admitted to knowing where a certain specific divine aspect lay; a power that was assumed to be an obvious goal for this faith, but resolved to leave it be for now. Somehow equivocating that knowing its location is much akin to possessing it.”

“Not that they would be able to use the power.” Kalina added but did not voice any opposition in Arsten’s line of thinking; only applying constructive questions to facilitate reason.

“Yes.” Arsten agreed. “However, it is a far easier feat to wage only one battle for control of the aspect than many battles as its defender. There is wisdom in staying ones hand, I warrant.”

“But if an aspect crosses our path as Eva has expressed,” Briar added. “and it falls into the framework of what Eva wishes to embody… do we act?”

“That is not the real question though.” Kalina said, quick now to get to the crux of the subject. “The question is: Do we choose our intermediaries or does AO? The overgod has already made it known that the cosmology as we knew it will or has changed. We know this because the limiting quantity of seven. No power’s bailiwick will hold more than seven. Nevertheless; will AO accept whom WE deem as our demi-gods? Our intermediaries?” Kalina stood, her pacing matched the cadence and sound of Bordane’s own.

“We presume,” Kalina continued. “AO will accept each of our concepts of what a god of the Dead, Trickery, or War needs to be. What if the overgod envisions a totally different pantheon structure than the old Greater, Intermediate and Lesser deities? What if the cosmology is limited to only seven? We simply do not know at this time; we can only work and hope for the best.” Her eyes rested on Briar; Kalina’s questions were leading to a possible solution.

“There may be a way.” Briar said returning Kalina’s look; together they smiled as the answer came. “Understand this guarantees nothing but mayhap there is a way to ascend with more than seven conceptual aspects.” Briar looked to Eva, who out of all of them currently qualified for this possibility. “One must open another vessel for divine power, by binding an eighth chakra focus.”

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James Caruso said...

I know this only vaguely 'answers' half the question posed in Russ' email. lol

The cosmology is in motion, one can surmise that judging from the forms of planar aspects that there is a finite number of them. I say this because these are the homelands of the divine powers. (Added was Purgatory)

There may not be 'room' for these lesser gods when its all done.

Do what you guys want, but before you start selecting subordinate intermediaries (like pestilence to a trusted delegate) you may want to first have...

1. The Leadership feat
2. All seven aspects are realized
3. You must somehow designate consecrated ground for you, outside Storm Keep.
4. Eight or more chakras.