Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sorvani's Carpet of Travel

Sorvani cursed his luck again and again. Zhentil Keep was far less hospitable than even its reputation would would lead one to expect. Still, even with the infighting between the guilds and ridiculous political scheming, he had managed to make himself a place in Lord Thagdals Tower of the Art. That is until these recent times of troubles had brought the damnable wild surges of magic.

Wind rushed through his hair and roared past his ears as he sped along over the black road. The meteor shower that changed everything had implications that simply eluded the way Sorvani thought. He understood that the forces that power magic were in world wide flux. That was obvious in the surges of magical power he seemed to summon at will, but not control. He knew that the star stone that struck his prized carpet that night changed it into something more, an item of Legacy, and he was lucky to have it. However, he just could not believe it had transformed into a "divine aspect". You see, the break between divine faith and magical power is a complete one, they do not mix. Nonetheless his carpet had a nearly sentient passion for Travel, and Sorvani could hear its triumphant glee as it fled the scene of his latest horrible mishap, at a speed he had never felt before.

The "duel" with the Zhent wizards was actually an ambush perpetrated by the Zhent trio. They desired his carpet and his death. Of course his carpet's Travel abilities helped him escape being pinned and trapped by the three, giving him time to summon his fiercest defender. Pressed by his dire situation, he spoke to quickly and missed the last syllable of the Vaporighu demons name, and he felt the familiar surge of uncontrolled power. Although he felt certain he was about to die, the demon appeared. As the air thickened with poison, the demon smiled, terrifyingly, hungrily, at Sorvani. " You have finally called me." it breathed. "Ha ha ha ha haa. Your death shall come after theirs!"

The staff-spear that once served as the summoning focus for the demon now seemed dull and spent. Sorvani still clutched it tight as he fled the three wizards and their battle for survival.Sorvani knew they would not win, but hopefully they hurt the beast badly enough to force it to wait and rest and heal. The staff-spear was the only magic weapon he had, and that demon would be hunting for him as soon as it could. He fled for the only place he could think of. He simply killed to many people to be able to return any where he had been before. Waterdeep, the City of Splendours, was a place big enough to hide in, and far enough away the demon might even be killed by something else before it found him there.


harrygoblin said...

I took liberty with giving the carpet an aspect. If you need to change that, its fine.

James Caruso said...

No worries my friend!

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