Friday, February 3, 2012

Honoring Invitations

The young Wands wizardess felt the shadow of her ambitious brothers more and more in recent years. She was the youngest of them all, and was- as far as she knew, the only one to pursue divine power. 

Peering out over the city she wondered why Marcus has summoned her; mayhap it was new information on the Hosttower; the undead threat that occupies the Temple of Mysteries; or whether Frostburn is a legitimate threat…

Syndra Wands was a child prodigy in the Art; able to conjure mage armor by the age of 7 and command undead by 10, she was able to perform these and many other magical feats through her affinity with music. It was a family talent thought lost generations ago, but now rediscovered through her; she was the pride and joy of her parents: Sai Natasa and Lady Hyacia Wands, until that is their high adventuring and dungeon crawling caught up to them and brought the couple to an abrupt and early end. The city was in shock. 

It was at this point in Syndra’s life when she turned to the church of Azuth for strength and guidance. Without the praises of her mother and father, Syndra felt alone and lost focus for her talents; so she prayed. She was accepted with overwhelming enthusiasm. The Lord of Spells seemed to acknowledge the plea because opportunity soon presented itself to the young wizard. On her sweet sixteenth birthday she received her scholarship and later that year Syndra began to teach. In her lectures of magic formulae and alchemy she incorporated teachings from Azuth’s Blessed Tome of Spellcraft.

…Making steady progress through the temperature regulated halls; Syndra could see a bitter windstorm battering the windows of the villa with sleet and misery. For a wonder, each corridor’s magical features remained unchanged in the Time of Troubles; some other things did not escape unscathed.

Marcus’ office remained as she remembered it for the most part; however now it was monochromatic, lacking any color and therefore character. Much like Marcus in her opinion, his extremist habits were much akin to fits of black or white temperaments.

Knowing the door would yield to anyone expected, she opened the door, entered, and stood quietly. Marcus paced pensively looking down on a scaled model of Waterdeep. Perfect in every detail, it was impossible to look away when one learned to appreciate the master work quality of such a thing.

“Sister.” He greeted. “Thank you for coming, would you be as kind as to make me a drink?”

Confused, Syndra acquiesced and poured him is favorite ale. It was late at night, but she doubted she was called down here for her barkeep skills.

“Here you go... Marcus is everything ok?” Handing the goblet to her brother, she could feel his fury simmering when she saw his demeanor- even in the colorless environment of his office.

“Sister… Syndra, I trust you.” Marcus stated simply. After a movement he continued. “I want you to hear me very well and understand what that means. I know we have our disagreements, but we are family and a family needs to stay strong.”

“I agree brother, and I trust you as well.” Syndra’s conviction in this was never stronger. She spoke the honest truth.

Marcus stopped his pacing and looked at Syndra. “I have a favor to ask of you Syndra. I want you to represent the family at the Samular’s Higharvestide Ball at Castle Waterdeep tomorrow night.”

“Are you serious? A Wands among all those gunslingers and Tempus zealots?” Syndra asked, her eyes taking on a serious look.

“I wish to honor an invitation, and give you an opportunity to make acquaintances with others who see themselves as you do. Syndra, you will be in the company of those like yourself that acquire these divine aspects and desire palaver with others to mutual benefit.” Marcus said. He walked to his elaborate but colorless work desk and produced a box embossed with the Wands family crest. “There is one in their company I trust; however, I will not send you unaided sister, behold.”

“Is that…” Syndra began as she indeed beheld the Amulet of Beguiling. Such an item in social situations would prove to be a boon in making acquaintances and alliances.  

“Yes it is and I will also arrange for you a Rod of Enemy Detection to aid in your… networking.” Marcus smiled hoping she would not be insulted.

Syndra took the amulet and in fact did catch the slight, but let it pass; she took this as another opportunity whether by Azuth or some other power, she would continue her aspirations for the heavens.

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