Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tales from the Kingdom of Vines (Episode 1)

Although the young siblings have many similarities, they also have differences. Both brother and sister are destined elf children who hold a stellar appreciation for life and the land, the sun and the moon. Each of them owns a great affection for fantastic tales of heroes, dragons and magic. Especially the tales of such told to them by their mother and father. With access to the finest professors and instructors of the realm; both siblings are well educated in the skill of combat and the art of magic, the language of truespeech; the history of the realms; and the typography of the planes. Mutually joined in blood they also share the same astral sign and moment of birth; identical physical features as well as disposition as twins frequently do. However, they also have differences. Varro, the brother is physically strong and resilient; he possesses keen senses that rival that of any predator and instincts that borders upon The Touch. Vaiden, the sister, is intellectual and clever; she has a prowess of charm and a gift of a silver tongue that equal that of any Calim merchant. The bold brother Varro favors the quick and eloquent elven long sword, a weapon too fancied by his mother; the astute sister Vaiden prefers the versatile and efficient quarter-staff, the weapon of her father.

In a slender silver tower, behind a tall narrow window; from behind a sheer veil of curtains that yielded to the brisk northern winds, stood the children’s loving father. Fondly distracted from his sagely and arcane labors, he watched the twins at play with beaming pride and bridled sadness. For all the malevolent god-like beings the father encountered and world-breaking planar entities he has banished, the he was at a loss as to how to broach ill-fated news to his children.

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