Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review (5/4/2011)

3pm. Considering the tumult from the city, the Black Crown was happy to receive us as we rested and regained ourselves. We discussed what to do with the gem that contains the Nightstalker; we agreed to trade it. This extended stay exposed Jaren to the intricate magical tethers that join many noble houses to the Black Crown. Auge purchased scrolls through Jaren and spent time with potential Vial & Flask customers and what could draw them to the souk.

5:45. We teleported to the Driftdowns where we discover other groups of individuals that were there presumably there to watch the lighting of the Sigil. The build up of snow and ice would make that task impossible, however; so Jaren lit up with a wall of fire. Suddenly all the snow and ice was gone; the dire blizzard was downgraded to a winter storm; and time seemed to stop for us and… Father! He had arrived. With his power he was able to include us in his time stop thereby giving us a chance to prepare; Ira (Wrath) was here and it was unclear what was about to happen.

When the sigil lit with its blue light, a beam of prismatic light shot forth, rebounded to each great pillar and then out to sea where a red portal opened. Like a staring blood-shot eye with a desolate landscape reflected in its gaze. A great wave of sound began to reverberate in the driftdowns as Stormhaven begins to rise and a ridge of stone appears from the ocean depts.

Meanwhile a couple of flying chariots emerges from the red portal. Each pulled by a team of horrible winged nightmares, intense and terrible; their drivers: dark creatures that resemble vrock-like jokers. Flying about and towards Stormhaven they each transmit the mental knowledge that they can and will provide transport to Kermaga (a city that moves through the planes) for a toll.

After speaking further with father, he eventually enters the portal to Kermaga on his own accord. We decide to make sure the Cinder Block had not been damaged during Stormhaven’s sudden fifty foot climb. It was largely undamaged, the Cinder Block and from then on it was all drinks and feasting. Jaren reached an accord with Hislop the troll while the rest of us made plans to attack the frost giants.

At midnight, a thunderous roar broke the night; a roar that could only have come from a dragon. Outside locked in mortal kombat were two great dragons of sin: Invidia the white (envy) and Ira the green (wrath). They battled fiercely with magic and claw, wing and tail; their blood surged with power that wherever it rained down from their exchange, those spectators in the blood rain became ‘dragon-touched’. In the end it was Ira that sent Invidia west away from Stormhaven.

We pick up next week with the assault on the frost giants, hopefully acquiring the Edana estate in the process.

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