Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spoils of War

82,500 Manual of Bodily Health +3
51,500 Staff of Illumination
21,000 Wand, 4th level spell, CL 7
21,000 Wand, 4th level spell, CL 7
18,000 +2 ki focus monk weapon
18,000 +3 weapon of choice
17,000 Figurine of wondrous power, marble elephant
16,000 +2 shield of choice, animated
12,000 Rod of Wonder
11,250 Wand, 3rd level spell, CL5
5,000 Bag of Holding, type II
4,500 Wand, 2nd level spell, CL3
4,000 Gloves of arrow snaring
2,000 +1 weapon of choice
2,000 +1 weapon of choice
1,000 Pearl of Power !st level
1,000 Phylactery of Faithfulness
750 Wand, 1st level spell, CL 1
750 Wand, 1st level spell, CL 1
750 Potion, 3rd level spell, CL 5

The above details the list of random rolls made after the game last week, but leaves out a few items that seem likely Sons Commodities properties, or properties to return to the underwriters.
A crate of unique and rare ores was grabbed, as well as a magical chest enchanted with properties to keep safe it's intended cargo, 400 pounds of black gun powder, and finally a leather wallet containing 4 underwriters watermarks. Aside from these things, the prodigiously strong Versel grabbed a string of 4 crates tethered together, and none of those crates has been detailed. It is my hope that there is enough recovered in those boxes that the list above we get to split amongst ourselves and Arkiel. Picking order this round goes Jaren, Auge, Versel, Durg, Arkiel. One final note, we grabbed a healthy cache of gemstones, and everybody, including Arkiel, can add 2,000 gp worth of gems split up however they wish.


James said...

NICE list and it has an elephant. :) lol

James said...

So... Do we want to post our picks from the loot or wait until Wednesday?

Added a pic btw.