Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review (5/25/2011)

The next day we separate briefly so that we may individually prepare for the day. Jaren and Versel make the short trip to the Black Crown where Jaren performs his daily business; Versel is able to work out and spar with four Crown wizard-warriors. Jaren makes arrangements for some scrolls and encounters the Drow Arkiel who has news from the night before and speaks of an attack made by the mind flayers who were often seen with Uvrock the Derro.

Durg maintains a SONS presence at the Cinder Block; Auge sets his efforts to creating poisons. Auge finds a message from Tamros: he was ok- busy in the driftdowns at the moment. Auge leaves a reply informing him of the progress of the White Spider and Gerto.

After the Black Crown, Jaren, Versel, and Arkiel travel to the Dragon’s Breath where they hope to palaver with Uuvilon. Jaren frees the structure from the snow and ice and they enter. After some brief exchanges they find their quarry.

The talk began with Jaren warning Uuvilon that our relations with him are special and to always keep that in mind. After some later discussion it is revealed that Uuvilon is making contacts with individuals that will make Stormhaven prosper and has the best interests of the city at heart. Uuvilon believes Stormhaven has a special purpose. In addition he believes Stormhaven will be attacked, something from KerMaga. It is clear that more investigations are needed. Jaren makes the mention of The Champions of the Abyss and the need to locate the troupe. This leads slyly into the real reason Jaren wanted to meet with the Diviner, Jaren wants to be taught a scrying spell.

11 AM We hook back up in the Cinder Block office with a meeting with Arkiel. He begins with describing the tactics of the group we sent to help the underwriters. Highlights of the ten hour battle and stand off included: a mysterious stasis effect; advanced umber hulks; undead; and a lot of tough dwarves. After Arkiel, Hislop and company narrowed down where the money changers would have taken their spoils, the Money Changers Hall. Then the mind flayers attacked. The same ones from Twilight House, which makes Arkiel think. Did they come after him personally or was it something to do with the moneychangers? Arkiel sells us on the idea of going after the money changers instead of chasing down Invidia’s dragon hoard that may or may not be at the Edana estate.

Durg had the idea of the night- Have this other group we hastily put together and have them hit a location of importance to the money changers while we bring down the fire on the Money Changers Hall. That location would be the lifts.

6 PM Gathered were: Endera, Egil, the White Spider, Gerto, Hislop and the four gnolls. Jaren addresses the gnolls and gifts them all 100 gold. In a frenzy, they title Jaren as “Magic Fang”. Jaren in-turn names Chiefton Hislop in a celebratory toast before our respective quests.

Auge hands down a wand of invisibility and the Long Kiss Goodnight poison to the White Spider and Gerto, who also had something for Auge. Three cases of four necklaces; Auge takes the sampling that can be enchanted. Gerto trades for a headband of intellect +2 and the Spider takes 4000 gp credit.

At the Money Changers Hall, the structure was heavily outfitted in Vanfleet heraldry and colors; Jaren magically located the Vault and the stairs leading to it. Finding our way down we pretend to want to exchange gold coins into trade bars; the plan was a ruse allowing us time to reconnoiter the area. There was some off comment talk from a teller about off the record investors for magical and mithril items.

Without warning Jaren transports us into the interior chamber and the Vault; there was three levels of storage each guarded by two golems, one stone and one iron. Combat began; two of us fighting off the golems and the other two focused on gathering containers and valuables. Before another pair of golems could join the combat, Jaren and Sarosh magically transport everyone back to the Cinder Block.

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