Saturday, May 7, 2011

Journal Entry: Durg

Finally, the whites have felt our bite and we've tasted their blood. We have fed on their hearts, and with the arrival of Ira, Invidia has been driven off. We'll need to speak to the Council and make sure we keep our names and faces fresh in their minds. We all know how short the rich's memories are for those... outside their arena. Father has gone venturing off into the portal and half the Driftdowns have been destroyed. My brothers want to hit the frost giants that are rampaging through the Fox Run and noble quarter. Good, my blood's still singing from the last battle and my axe grows thirsty. Father also said he was surprised we hadn't taken over a guild. This started us talking about taking over Twilight House. An excellant idea. We will need to hunt down Uvrok, see if he can help us draw out the mind flayers somehow, before he meets his end.

Something in me says that we've finally stepped up a rank in this city, and people will be sitting up and taking notive of us.

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