Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review (4/27/11)

3am. Gathering ourselves about our lair, we bandage our wounds and recover the items Mother kept from us until the matter of the white dragons was addressed. Jaren let mother keep the magical cape while Auge offered a smaller token for her hoard. Greed is greed, after all mother or no.

Discussion ventured to the outsiders the Spell-guard asked us to look into and thus we consulted what knowledge we have learned thus far: outsiders/demons are as countless as the planes; nearly all are members of an army, faction or kingdom under a demon lord; and they are goal oriented agents of destruction. The demon lords include but are not limited to: Abraxus, Bahmoet, Orcus, Dagon, Demogorgon, Jubliex, Kostchtchie, Lemastu and SHAX! (a-ahhhhh)

We made preparations for a possible conflict with the demons and ventured out into the dire blizzard and the mausoleum near the Firefly Cathedral. When we arrive we discover wights have the Cathedral under siege and several demons. After a short period of combat the demons proved stronger than us. Knowing when a battle cannot be won, we retreated to the Black Crown where we will pick up next session. As far as the outsiders are concerned, we looked into it and filed it under… not our problem. lol

It will be 5:30- 6am Saturday- still the day of the winter solstice.

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harrygoblin said...

It was discussed after James left and suggested that we rest at the black crown and pick up at 3 pm, rested and spelled up. I am pretty sure that is how Troy prepared for us to start. My apologies,James, for speaking up so late on that. Also, there was a group within the mauseleum that came out shortly after our discussion with Talia Farrow, who identified us as the Slayers Of Nightstalker. She seemed to lord over the undead, standing atop the mauseleum. I believe she also summoned a glabrezu demon, and most of the members of her group were undead, but not demons. The wights and wraiths numbers were growing, as the dying guards and defenders of the cathedral were quickly transformed into what slayed them.