Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summary of Caravan

5 cold iron longswords 30 gp @ 150 35

5 cold iron shortswords 20 gp @ 100 25

10 cold iron daggers 4 gp @ 40 7

10 sets of 20 cold iron arrows 2 gp @ 20 5

5 sets of 20 cold iron bolts 2 gp@ 20 5

10 cold iron long spears 20 gp@ 200 25

1 cold iron glaive 16 gp 20

1 cold iron guisarme 18 gp 25

1 cold iron ranseur 20 gp 25

5 warden’s draughts 75 gp @ 100

This is the list of weapons we invested in as a company. The last figure is what I think we should use as our starting asking price. We have other weapons, captured on our past adventures, as well as some magic items that nobody claimed as treasure. I have good notes on all of this, and can answer any questions about treasure origins from them. The values listed are the going price for such items as taken from the core rulebook.

4 leather armor 10 gp @

4 rhino hide armor 15 gp @

6 mstwk longswords 315 gp @

3 large steel mstwk shields 159 gp @

3 mstwk chain shirts 250 gp @

4 rapier 20 gp @

1 suit of +1 leather armor 1160 gp

1 set of lobster designed bracers of armor +2 4000 gp

2 rings of avoidance +1 350 gp @

1 set of mstwk pan pipes 100 gp

We are also bringing a garrison of troops to be issued to the marshal of Secomber. They are sponsored by the Tarm family, and Tauron hopes to negotiate with the Ilzimmers and convince them to provide mounts to the troops. Using the chart on page 454 of the core rulebook, I equipped them as basic 1st level NPCs, meaning they get 260 gp worth of stuff. The Tarm family supplied this gear: chain mail, lg steel shield, longsword,light crossbow, 40 bolts, a dagger, and a longspear. Each soldier also has 2d10 gp and 3d10 sp, as well as some standard uniforms and supplies (rope, backpacks, etc). The Tarms have also sent a small chest of money to provide wages for the soldiers until the people of Secumber can figure them into a pay scale.

I will post details of horses and wagons later. Feel free to comment suggestions or changes.

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