Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Knights of Antiquity Part 2

Artemus struggled to keep from smiling after the meeting was over. Once again he was surprised by the questions that no one ever asked him. His leadership role was never questioned, not even by Ord, who was very upset at the start of the meeting. Ord had warned everyone when they first formed the cabal, that all of their plans were great but if discovered, other nobles would ally and they would lose their momentum and strength. It wasn’t long after The Company of Nine was recognized for completing a Hero’s walk that all the members began to contact Artemus. Their public recognition coming so soon had been a surprise to Artemus, the last he had heard, The Blackstaff himself was planning to send them on a very long walk indeed. It was due to this information on the Blackstaff’s plans that he was unconcerned with the Company. They wouldn’t be allowed to head to the High Moor. Unfortunately something had changed and now the Nine were a headache. Artemus was successful in convincing the other Knights that their strength still lay in the secrecy of their union, that while the Nine outnumbered them, they could not fight an enemy they were unaware of.

Aryana Rosznar stayed quiet the majority of the meeting, save for a few careful agreements supporting Artemus’ suggestions. Hidden in her robe she held the dagger tightly, ready in case any of the hot headed warriors decided that their investment and potential loss was Aryana’s fault. The poison wouldn’t kill them but it would incapacitate them long enough to ship them off as a slave. Of course that would mean transporting them to Skullport but she would deal with that problem if it arose. Luckily for her it did not. Once the others left she felt free to share her new information with Artemus. She told him everything but what she had discovered about him. The news she shared was not good but he took it in stride. She had been correct that the Cult of the Dragon was interested in not only the discovery on the Moor but the items of royal lineage that were recently discovered. Apparently a number of items had been buried in the cemetery. She suspects the Cult was behind the grave robberies and ritualistic murders that had recently occurred. She explained to Artemus that the Cult had targeted people they believed to be descendants of something called the Samular Legacy. Worse, she believes the Cult missed, for when she was at the Palaver, she noticed many members of the Nine wearing items that closely resemble similar samples the Knights of Antiquity had seen. All of this information would seem to indicate that not only would the Nine head to Secomber and then onto the Moor, but that this discovery in the Moor had something to do with Dragons.

Hermindious met with Zak first, getting a quick rundown of the meeting and sharing some minor information recently learned about the Hawkwinter’s. As long as Zak believed that his cousin provided him information and loyalty, he would never suspect ulterior motives. Hermindious was disappointed to discover that Aryana had said nothing in the meeting regarding the information he had fed her about Artemus and the Cult. The fact that she kept the info on Artemus to herself didn’t surprise him but withholding the information about the Cult told him she was closer to Artemus than she had let on. Hermindious knew it was a risk mentioning the cult or Samular to her but he needed pressure brought against the Company of Nine from an outside source. He knew Aryana would be very surprised if she ever discovered that he himself was a member of the Cult. It was very interesting to see how interested she was to discover that Artemus was really the bastard child of a Brokengulf/Wand union some thirty years past. Finally Genos stumbled out of the Curio shop, and Hermindious resumed his valet duties.

Dartek Thann left the meeting and headed to the Dock Ward. Taking his time he walked well out of his way and several times around the same blocks to make sure he wasn’t being followed. Once he was convinced that Zak’s spy cousin hadn’t followed him after the meeting, or anyone else had for that matter, he made his way to the Maiden and Sea tavern. He needed to meet his contact there and report on his findings. He also hoped to find a drunken thief Jarish, who was too free with information around the local constabulary. When Dartek entered the whiny voice of Jarish was the first thing he heard and for the first time, he was glad to hear it. Moving over to a booth, well hidden from regular view he ordered ale and waited for his contact. He also paid the bar wench to keep refilling Jarish’ drink for the next couple hours. His contact arrived about twenty minutes later and Dartek couldn’t help but admire the illusory magic that hid Lady Serena Sussuruss. Serena sat down, but not before laying the sword she had mentioned on the table before him. Dartek had seen the sword before, well at least an artistic rendition, in one of the Sage’s books. If what the book claimed was true, the blade was a fabled Dragon Slayer weapon, providing magical enhancement against all dragon kind but especially deadly to one. Dartek checked the pommel for the rare marking that would denote this as one of the many Samular Legacy items. Not only did he find the marking, but if his eyes did not deceive him, this weapon was crafted to face a specific dragon of name, a Storm Dragon. Dartek commended Serena on her work and spoke with her for over an hour. To all eyes in the bar it just looked like a nobleman slumming with a beautiful young woman. Dartek pointed over to Jarish and told Serena to be sure to leave a token on her victim this time; he wanted everyone to know that the rogue was the latest victim of the League of Night and Fog.

Notes: Jarish taken from WD P.D. Blues posted by Rob on Friday March 19th, 2010

Serena taken from Secrets of Waterdeep Society Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Also note that in Butch’s posting for Secrets, he refers to Serena as:

Lady Selene Sussuruss

Lady Serene

Lady Serena

And just Serena.

I went with Serena. From his post it’s possible that Lady Selene Sussuruss was a cover name and that she goes by a variety of names. Just explaining.


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Thanks for summing it up at the end, I was just getting ready to search the blog for Jarish LOL! Excellent.

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Yeah I suggest we all adapt that format if referring to a previous post. Siting source will help.

Also James, if any of this doesn't fit with what you decide is reality, don't worry, this is all based on what the individual NPC's mentioned believe, not neccessarily the truth.

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Yes, Troy you are exactly correct, the use of multiple names was meant to indicate the use of several disguises and aliases. Great post.

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Gordzilla said...

Oh also the picture on this post is an album cover that came up when I did an image search on League of Night and Fog. I figured it looked like cool symbology for them.