Monday, June 14, 2010

Caravan Numbers

The caravan to Secomber will comprise of 5 wagons, 29 horses or mules, 42 people, 2 dogs, and 1 eagle.

We will take 3 caravan wagons (2 are ours, 1 I am borrowing from the Tarm family resources). Caravan wagons take 4 horses or mules to pull, but they are sturdy covered wagons that can haul 4400 pounds plus a driver. That’s about 17 fully armed men plus a driver. We will take 1 covered wagon (requires 2 horse and can haul 2200 pounds plus a driver) as the quartermaster’s wagon. It will haul all of the food and other caravan supplies that we need. The fifth wagon is a covered wagon that carries my gear, my own mules, Deuce and Sweet Pea, pull it and it will be driven by Fallon, my squire. Torm usually rides and sleeps in the wagon by day, so he is bright and alert for watch duty by night. The other dog is a gift for Chadwick. He showed interest in having a dog like Torm, so I am going to train both he and his dog over our trip. The eagle I am just taking along to build familiarity with. For now, it is a little too early to begin training, unless my brother had already trained him and he just needs to adjust to a new master.

The people count goes like this:

The Company of the Nine - 10 people

Our noble guests - 2 people

Soldier troop - 30 people

The company has 9 horses of its own, as well as Tauron’s 2 mules. 12 threaded horses from the Tarm stables will pull the caravan wagons. 2 Taes line horses draw the quartermaster wagon, and we will bring 4 extra Taes line horses. They can serve as replacements for injured horses or extra mounts. I think I will try to trade 1 or 2 for livestock to be brought back or delivered to the Tarm stables. That is a total of 29 horses.

Fell free to add or comment. I just thought some of this would be helpful to know while we finalize our preparations this Wednesday. By the way, our weapons and gear we intend to market only weigh a little over 500 pounds, so we have plenty of room.


Gordzilla said...

If we have plenty of room then we can check with the the Pampered Traveler and see if they have anything they want delivered to Secomber, or picked up. We could do that with quite a few local contacts.

Damian will check with our blind evil enchanter! HA

James said...

Excellent attention to details!