Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Macgoverns

This family has long been associated with the Ilzimmer family, especially in and around Secomber. Though they are not a noble family, their close alliance with the Ilzimmers has earned them a good reputation as loyal and trustworthy in their relations. They are a fairly large family, with a lot of farmers, river fishermen, and professional soldiers within their ranks. There are quite a few Macgoverns in Waterdeep, and three were tapped to join the garrison to help Secomber. They are a trio of cousins, all 18 years old. They all jumped at the chance to join this troop, and are pretty excited about it. They are outfitted just like all the other warriors, with one difference. They each are also bringing their own personal mounts. They were gifts to each of them for graduating their training and studies. It is most likely they are of Ilzimmer stock, but not threaded. Of course, they expect to march and perform maneuvers as the troop does, but they figure it can’t be anything but good to show up with horses.


Gordzilla said...

Damian: Bordane, these Macgoverns will require close scrutiny, I could easily see them being the early favorites for your field of lieutenant canidates. Better a nobel than some backward gutter dweller.

James said...

Thanks for detailing some of the troops Butch!!!

(Chadwick) Great more would-be nobles.

robm1171 said...

Bordane: Damien, good thinking. The Nobility class DOES breed leadership qualities. While these MacGoverns may not be Waterdeep nobles, they are respected in Secomber. Consider them... considered... lol