Monday, June 7, 2010

The Knights of Antiquity Part 1

Artemus Dimartius checked the Sun Dial again, a nervous habit he had acquired ever since he began selling the time pieces. To the local nobility Artemus was generally perceived as a drunken swashbuckler whose talents were best served in pursuit of yet another skirt. No one ever questioned his presence, how he was able to maintain his curio shop in the castle ward, or his general lack of customers and oddly kept hours. Artemus wondered if any of the other members meeting here tonight knew his true heritage.

Ord Artemel was the first to arrive. The Illuskian heir to the Artemel “fortune” glared at Artemus with self righteous indignation, since it was his warning that had been ignored. Artemus couldn’t resist smiling warmly at the young noble as one does when looking at a child. It had the desired effect of pissing Ord off. Ord, like the other members, would shop among the curious until hidden from view of the street, and then open the trap door that lead to the sub-chamber where they have their meetings.

Genos Hawkwinter arrived in a state that Artemus had never seen before. Hair thoroughly tousled by wind and a lack of care, Genos’ stare was haunted and it wasn’t long before his valet Hermindious approached and explained that Genos’ Helm worshipping younger brother had been slain on duty at one of the guard keeps. It took all of Artemus’ skill to get Genos focused and the valet sent away. Unknown to Artemus, Hermindious would circle back and wait a block away.

Zak Ilitul arrived and in his usual unimaginative way headed straight to the back of the curio shop and below. Artemus didn’t need a meeting to know that Zak would propose the whole sale slaughter of our surprise competitors. Luckily the other members were not inclined to listen to Zak, they just appreciated his muscle. Zak may not have been imaginative but no one here knew that Genos valet was Zak’s cousin.

Aryana Rosznar arrived, her cloak and robes hiding her from all but the closest inspection, she quickly made her way to the back of the shop. Seeing that all the other members were down below, save Artemus, she searched one of the many chests in the shop. This particular chest she had hidden a poisoned dagger in three days ago. This particular poison was made from a derivative of the family wine; a fact that she was sure would scandalize the family if it were to ever become public knowledge. The dagger was brought to her by one of her agents in Secomber; he said it was one of the items the half elf brought out of the High Moor.  Her discoveries had lead to the "knights" decision to invest so heavily in multiple recovery teams headed there.

Dartek Thann was the final member to arrive. He always tried to arrive last since he was the main financial support for this secret cabal. Dartek was very angry that a new group of Nobles had formed publicly, this Company of Nine. Not only did the Nine exceed them in numbers but the families that they represent are a formidable bunch and a very strong voting bloc in any palaver. Worse they seemed to be involving themselves in similar business. Dartek is convinced that the Nine will soon head for Secomber

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I espically like Genos' dead brother tie-in! :))))