Thursday, June 24, 2010

Training the Troops

Bordane: Initially, I plan on spending the 1st week training the men in operating in a large formation, the whole 30 men together. Nights will be spent on equipment upkeep and guard duty. I hope in at least the 1st 3 days to be able to single out someone who seems competent enough to act as a "lieutenant". If so, I will issue orders through him, if at all possible. He will understand that he gets one chance, if he screws up, he's out and the next available candidate gets a shot. The 2nd week, as long as they seem to be able to pick up how to form a shield wall, and a "turtle" in the 1st week, will be devoted to breaking them into 3 10 man teams or squads, and begin training on squad tactics. This entire endevour seems a little daunting as we will try not to slow the rest of the company down, however, nothing trains a soldier better than actual combat. (look at the Iraelis, sez Rob).

Rob: Now if James wants to simply *poof* us there, great! We can say the men got trained in all the above. If, however, he wants us to play it out, great! We can just follow the above as well.


robm1171 said...

Wow, that is a "small" picture?? Butch, thanks for outfitting the men, shields and spears are great choices for standard city guards. They're cheap and easy to train.

James said...

Sounds good Rob, as far as "poof" we're there... we'll play it by ear. I'm up for whatever everyone has the patience for. lol