Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time Well Spent

The former Press Secretary has spent her time wisely. Armor has now been outfitted for her and a specialty helmet has been fashioned for her. Where once before stood an unsure woman, afraid of her power, now stands someone born anew. She revels in her new found strength and has embraced this new journey that life has given her.


James said...

(Jessie) That's great, another hero- maybe this will add to the defend the world against terrorists super-secret organization we have going. Maybe she will be less concerned with material compensations.

I wonder if she has noticed anything about Madam President.

Russ said...

(Sam) Now that Margaret has relaxed a bit maybe I can get to know her a little better. All these uptight duty bound military chicks are always so on edge. It would be nice to get away and spend some time with a normal woman….Well normal for our group.

Gordzilla said...

Its interesting that you said that MR. UFC because when you return you will find out that Margaret is very anxious to see you.

James said...

(Jessie) Good. UfC fighting is all about the individual fighter and not at all a 'team' competition.

It will be good for him to be exposed to more team efforts. We did after all- just kick ass pretty damn good together.

Russ said...

(Sam) Yea, like I said before (in the “I agree with pfister” post) I think with some training our group could be a top notch unit. I was surprised at how well our non field tested comrades performed, shows you how strong there survival instincts are.
Now Jessie I don’t want you thinking I am not patriotic, and I do believe in serving the needs of the many. I also don’t consider myself greedy by any means, but think about this for a moment. When you retire (you know 85 is the retirement age 50 yrs from now) and are handicapped do to the years of abuse you put your body through wouldn’t it be nice to have a large bank roll? Spending your last remaining years traveling the world as apposed to veging out in some home because you don’t have the funds for anything else. Now are the years where our earning potential is at its peak and I don’t want to leave my future to chance. I will help the president but I don’t think it’s too much to ask for compensation, especially since we are putting our lives on the line.

James said...

(Jessie) Time is killing me quicker than others. I will not see 85.

That said, I still remain sympathetic to the future and "WE" are the future.