Saturday, February 9, 2008


In the past I’ve never looked my opponents in the eye because you can’t see your opponent from the cockpit. But as I engage these unfortunate ‘survivors’ of the recent devastation, the fallout-men, whatever you call them- it was either us or them.

The time-light energy answered my every call; the force field, the energy blast that ended the fallout-men’s attack. Even taking to flight was realized easily in the encounter between us and them. Indeed the effects from the US Eldritch explosion did not only affect me but these survivors as well. The strong-man Pfister, his power and focus increased a hundred fold. Tatton and the others: Paul and Big Slick, men whom I met the night before with new extraordinary, if not super abilities. It stands to reason others may have experienced the same or similar effects as us- even to different degrees.

Never have I been so afraid. Not of the fallout-men or my fellow survivors, but of myself and the powers I now have. With new talents discovered and some undiscovered- I fear that I may not be able to temper their destructiveness.

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robm1171 said...

(as Paul)

What the hell? Now this chick flies? FLIES?? W/out any aircraft?? And what about this Fister dude? He claps his hands, and... and a ripple goes out, like in those old atom bomb films I've seen.

On toppa that, you got the UFC guy (Sam?). He's in one place and then another, putting moves on that looked like they hurt on TV, but in real life look like they kill...
Then there's the Asian. He hasn't done much, at least nothing obvious that I've seen... But if he's w/ us, he must be "different", too.

Ok, I know. I... I dunno. I knocked a guy down w/ some type of sound wave... Man, I never felt my chest vibrate like that before, but it looked like it was worse on the receiving end...