Friday, February 15, 2008

My favorite analogy.

Death is always a possibility behind the stick of a fighter, however that likelihood can be overcome with superior skill and talent. The only death that is assured is that from the progress of time. My favorite analogy compares time to an unceasing hunting beast that you cannot escape.

It is this fact and the shock that time has been traversed that brings things into question. As an unwilling passenger forward through the months, this Timelight has somehow invested itself in me- and I believe it is killing me.

I shall endeavor to develop these new skills, powers and talents to overcome the beast.


robm1171 said...

(as Paul)

Death, girl... Something tells me in the weeks and months to come, we're gonna be hand-in-hand w/ this "beast" of yours. I've looked into death's face, not in combat, but in backalleys and in poker dives. Desperate men, greedy men, it comes in all forms and masks. But it ain't caught me yet!

James said...

Your luck in the back alleys Paul, doesn't translate to actual skill. lol

Russ said...

You to babbling on like a couple prom dates about to give up the goods for the first time, and known one asking the important question here compensation. I already gave up a year how much is it worth to them for me to give up more than that. All I do know is we escaped death now it’s time to eliminate the other certainty in life TAXES.

James said...

If a reward is all you care about then THATs what you'll receive.