Friday, February 1, 2008


Craig is a 12 year-old boy who has been crippled since birth. Given the age difference between him and his older sister, Jessie, he never really knew her outside her parents' frequent arguing about her. While he loves his mom, he grew up idolizing his dad, a pinnacle of strength that his broken body could never achieve. Perhaps because of this, his intellect expanded to a super-genius level.

SPARTAN-12 was cobbled together from spare parts found in boneyards, using funds "appropriated" illicitly. Standing approximately 10 feet tall, SPARTAN-12 appears to be no less than a jury-rigged heap of scrap metal roughly shaped like a man. A dome-like structure sits in place of it's head which contains two glowing photoreceptors among other sensory devices.

Craig's greatest dream is to have unlimited funds and time to explore the limits of robotics.


James said...

I should have done more. In the hours leading to the explosion, I never even saw Craig. And in my drugged state- even when I was being carried by his Robot ‘Spartan 12’- I should have done more. It all happened so fast. At least Craig has the presence of mind to get out of Area 51. He tried to save who he could. He died a hero.

Gordzilla said...

Names are coming I swear;)

James said...

ADAM: Craig is resourceful young boy, but not filed-tested or experienced outside of the shelter of the military. He has lost everything except his craft. I am certain there are other individuals, who have experienced the same events as us, and will covet his skills and craft. Craig will need help exercising prudency in the time to come. Hopefully he can see through these events to see the true opportunity before us and come to trust my advice.