Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost at sea

In the days following my reunion with my father he seemed distant, occupied- more so than in the past. That coupled with the fact that the whole world has moved on without us. Makes it seem like we on an island in unfamiliar waters.

My limits have been tested and my patients have been stretched. I assume I’m in special training, considering the nature of the examinations and the extent of the information they are gathering. But I agree with Sam, my cooperation has its limits especially if I feel I’ve lost my freedom.

One thing is missing in all this. What has happened outside of this facility? Knowing that a year has passed without us, the President and everyone here; what impact has that made? We have some catching up to do.


robm1171 said...

(as Paul)

Well, I'd turn on the TV or try the internet, but until the scientists can poke through this... communication blackout, I guess we're just gonna hafta do it the old way... steal a car, and head to town! Aw, crap. Can't do that. I'm dead...

James said...

Steal a car? Fuck that I'm taking a Jet. They can't arrest a dead girl.