Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2058 News

1. Chaos worldwide as an “energy event” has caused multiple crisis’s all over the world. Every nation on earth has their military currently at its highest alert level, with many accusations being leveled by one country or union towards another. China has declared that the United States is the only other nation on earth with the means to cause such an event. The Chinese swear that they were not involved but many question their sincerity because few anomalies were reported from China. This doesn’t mean that none occurred.
2. The area’s hardest his by these anomalies seem to have been the United States, the European Union, and the Russian Bloc. Each country has indicated a different time table for having normal communications and internet connections.
3. The United States is claiming that a foreign government has shot down 2 satellites.
4. There is a new lake in downtown LA; from Wilshire Boulevard, between Catalina Street and Mariposa Avenue, it is slowly growing.
5. Unknown energy type measured in all US locations. Foreign governments have had no official response but privately several sources, all anonymous, have confirmed similar readings. Some countries have no means of measuring.
6. There has been an unprecedented freeze to all world markets for at least two weeks. There are fears of a world-wide depression.
7. Krasnoyarsk Krai of the Russian Federation reports a massive explosion similar to what was reported in Nevada but of a much larger scale.
8. Greece has reported that Mt Olympus is ensconsced in a green glowing mist, with many citizens believing a return of the fabled greek gods has occurred. Greece further reports that the mountain has risen 20 feet during this time and is continuing to rise, leading to fears that the town of Litochoro at its base would eventually be destroyed.
9. Berlin Germany: Reports indicate many strange phenomena involving heavy equipment and machinery. There are unconfirmed reports being posted on UVID of several people exhibiting extraordinary abilities, with one video showing a man growing some 10 feet in height with muscles bulging. Obviously these videos are viewed with much disdain.
10. Reports from Spain indicate strange weather patterns.
11. France reports several strange occurrences involving tombs and the catacombs of Paris.
12. Off the coast of Florida, several long lost planes and ships attributed to the Bermuda Triangle have washed ashore.
13. Between Florida and Cuba, a new island has risen. Sattelite imaging has lead to suspicion that this is the lost city of gold.


Russ said...

(Sam) So many places to go, so little time.

Can you say …Lost city of gold for a $1000 Alex!!!
I bet MT. Olympus would also be cool.

James said...

(Jessie) I knew Sam would be interested in the 'city of gold'. Personally, I'd like to secure the hundreds of aircraft and sea vessels washed ashore off Florida.

I'm going to miss Hancock Park in Downtown LA, the Sizzler on Wilshire, and Tsubi....

Hey Paul, wasn't you music video featured on 'UVID'?

Russ said...

You can have all the good intensions you want but money still makes the world go around. Let’s say there really is a lost city of gold out there. Can we afford to have China or worse yet our friends in Egypt get there hands on it? They could buy alliances enough to cause a serious threat to our way of life, not to mention the weapons of mass destruction that they could get there hands on. Let the civilians gawk at the 100+ year old military relics on the beach they can see more dangerous stuff in a museum; we have bigger fish to fry

robm1171 said...

(Paul) Shit, I don't care where we we go. After I came down off the adrenalyn rush after the Egyptian Scenario... I think I'm gonna like this stuff. Could be I've got a lil' thrill-seeker in me. And yeah, Jess, UVID did run my video. hell, I even guest-hosted a show for a day on there. My manager thought it'd be a great idea. My career hit the skids shortly after. But yeah, me 'n' you will raise a glass to Hancock. That was a GREAT place to score some blow...

James said...

(Jessie) All I'm saying is that there may me resources that could be used against us at Bermuda Tri.

But I'll go where ever the commander & chief says. I hope I get to plan an OP soon.